Author : Sushovan Saha
Global Marketing Manager - Espire Infolabs

Sushovan is a Sitecore MVP and a seasoned Marketing professional, with 10 years of extensive experience in the IT, SaaS, and communications industry. He helps drive brand value, increase engagements & realise revenue goals with integrated marketing strategies.

How Espire Aced Digital Experiences amid Global Pandemic: Top 10 Highlights

2020 was defined not just by unprecedented events and crisis but also by the spirit of survival, agility and resilience. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted lives, livelihoods and businesses on a global scale. At Espire, our commitment to combat the pandemic with a spirit of unity, agility and resilience has helped our customers, partners and employees with uninterrupted and excellent service delivery - without compromising on health & safety standards.

As we move ahead in 2021, it can be said with utmost certainty that the pace of adoption for digital transformation and digital experiences will continue to break boundaries - at a time when the dependence on digital channels have never been higher, with the world still gazing at a long recovery process.

So, with 2020 in hindsight - let us talk about how we worked with our customers and partners to create engaging digital experiences and exceeded expectations, and let’s delve into some of the upcoming projects.


Efforts, hard work, and consistent delivery to create exceptional digital experiences at Espire resonated with Sitecore, as the later announced two of Espire’s own as their Most Valuable Professional in its 2021 MVP Awards. Vikas Kumar, Director, CX Services & Sushovan Saha, Global Marketing Manager have been named 2021 Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Strategy & Ambassador category respectively by Sitecore®.

2. Live Webinar: Sitecore XP10 Upgrade - Why, How & Why Now!

The pandemic has brought forth a massive shift in customer preferences by accelerating digital engagements. At this juncture, Marketing and IT need to work together more than ever - to deliver experiences that connect, across ever changing touchpoints. Our Live Webinar with Sitecore on 25th February 2021 will help you learn from industry leaders how to mitigate current & upcoming business challenges, and why Sitecore XP10 Upgrade is the answer for all your digital business needs.

Presenters include:
Jose Santa Ana, Product Marketing Director, Sitecore
Brian Bishop, Senior Sales Engineer, Sitecore
Vikas Kumar, Director - Customer Experience, Espire | Sitecore MVP 2021
Sushovan Saha, Global Marketing Manager, Espire | Sitecore MVP 2021

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3. Success Story: Espire drives Digital Experiences for Bennetts, with personalised & contextual communications

Espire began its engagement with UK Motorcycle Insurance specialist, Bennetts in March 2020, with strategic initiatives in the digital experience space – led by Sitecore. Within a span of just 3 months (from initial consultancy to delivery), Espire has been able to achieve several key outcomes that include improved campaign & website personalisation, persona-driven marketing campaigns, robust multichannel marketing automation capabilities, and a lot more.

4. Webinar: Driving Contextual Digital Engagements in FSI for faster outcomes with Sitecore

In 2021 and in the next normal, even the best marketing campaigns will no longer be able to drive ample customer engagement. Our webinar with digital experience leader - Sitecore will help you to produce faster, empathetic & contextual communications for customers & to reap positive outcomes- every time!

Presenters included:
Biren Balakrishnan, Senior Solutions Consultant, Sitecore
Sanjeev Banerjee, Head of Solutions, ANZ, Espire
Sunaina Makhija, Business Development Manager, Espire


Espire Infolabs joined hands with Contentful- a well-known Headless CMS platform built on the API-first model. The partnership will support brands with a multi-experience strategy for all touchpoints across the entire digital customer journey, making content management and delivery fast, secure, and reliable for brands.

6. Webinar: Breathe Life in your MarTech Stack with Sitecore + CRM Integration

CRM integration is one of the indispensable fundamental blocks that allow brands to optimise communications with more contextual content - surely a way to gain loyalty among customers & prospects, in these times! In this webinar on Sitecore xDB + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration, you will discover how you can breathe life in your MarTech stack & build an everlasting connect with your customers!

Presenters included:
Saurabh Saxena, Director - Sales, EMEA, Espire
Vikas Kumar, Director - Customer Experience, Espire | Sitecore MVP 2021
Praveen Joy, Service Delivery Lead, EMEA, Espire

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At Sitecore Experience London 2020, we were proud to one of the key sponsors of the event. We had a great time at Sitecore Experience London 2020 with keynotes from Mark Frost and Paige O'Neill, & people queuing up to grab our personalized caricature mugs, along with discussions on driving personalization with memorable digital experiences!

8. Success Story: Achieving Superior Digital Student Experiences in ACU with Personalisation, powered by Sitecore

Espire partnered with one of the leading universities, Australian Catholic University (ACU) to transform their student experience and digital journey for meeting the needs of a student population that doubled in the past seven years. We are proud to reveal that ACU improved the user experience to help their students navigate the digital systems comprising their administrative and learning ecosystem. This earned us the award for the Best Personalized Experience at the Sitecore Experience Awards.


Sitecore XP 10 is a result of years’ worth of efforts to provide impressive digital experiences, enhance marketing prowess and meeting spiralling customer expectations. Here is for you our top blog on digital experience in 2020, by our Sitecore Strategy MVP Vikas Kumar, that provides a step-by-step analysis of Sitecore XP 10 & enlists top 10 reasons why Sitecore XP 10 is one giant leap for marketing & IT.


Espire has now become Sitecore’s gold partner in Australia & New Zealand. This elevation to Gold partnership came at the backdrop of our award winning performance delivery with our key customer - ACU, for personalization and marketing automation. ACU witnesses a lead generation increase by 99% and 207% more engagement around study at ACU content.

Marching Towards Continued Excellence in 2021 and Beyond

Espire's endeavour to deliver customer-centric, digital & customer experience transformation solutions, and total experience by covering end-to-end services of multi-experience (MX), user experience (UX) and employee experience (EX) will continue to remain our consistent focus in the years to come as we march towards our mission to have positive impact to our client’s revenue and profitability.


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How espire aced digital experiences amid global pandemic top 10 highlights

2020 was defined not just by unprecedented events and crisis but also by the spirit of survival, agility and resilience. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted lives, livelihoods and businesses on a global scale. At Espire, our commitment to combat the pandemic with a spirit of unity, agility and resilience has helped our customers, partners and employees with uninterrupted and excellent service delivery - without compromising on health & safety standards.

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