Implementing Enterprise-wide Intelligent Automation is a crucial factor in how enterprises remain competitive, commit to innovation and deliver exceptional customer experience in the digital age.

Repetitive and manual tasks and processes take a toll on your employee's productivity and hamper creativity and innovation. We help Organizations automate all such work competently with Automation Solutions that cover Business Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots and Low Code Application Platforms - ensuring you have the bandwidth for human ingenuity to thrive while saving critical time and operational costs.

Technology Partners

With years of experience in digital transformation, and alliances with leading Automation technology providers, we help build a transformative digital enterprise to provide exceptional user experience.


From advisory and discovery to automation design & implementation, we help Organizations achieve true digital transformation. Our strategic approach to enterprise-wide automation is scalable with hybrid models for deployment and integration, which will re-invent your business performance, improve productivity and save costs.

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Business Process Management (BPM)

Streamline and automate workflows and multiple processes for business process optimization

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate manual, repetitive and rules-based processes


Simulate human conversation during customer interactions that are routine and rules based

Low Code Application Platform

Build and launch critical business applications faster with minimal coding


  • Customer Experience

    With bots able to respond in real-time to routine requests and demands, customer expectations are met with less wait time and with accuracy

  • Save operational costs, time

    By optimizing efforts going into repetitive tasks and processes, enterprises save big on time and costs

  • Improve productivity and accuracy

    With intelligent automation taking over all mundane and repetitive tasks, employee productivity increases

  • Innovation Enabled

    Free-up your talent to innovate without having deal with tedious repetitive tasks

  • Integrate

    Automation technology is enabled read and navigate between compatible applications and non-compatible applications

  • Data Insight

    AI/ML driven, Processing and extracting data from any format is possible

Espire Insights

Migrating and Developing Kentico Website to SDL Tridion Content Management Portal

The client is a US based Education domain conglomerate who really wanted to be in pace with ever changing technology and related needs. The client had an online Education Portal based on the Kentico Web CMS. This educational conglomerate needs to go global and multilingual and scale out the existing website to meet the ever changing technology need.

Achieving Superior Digital Student Experiences in ACU with Personalisation, powered by Sitecore

Achieving Superior Digital Student Experiences in ACU with Personalisation, powered by Sitecore | Winning Students in the Digital Age With a Customer Experience that is Scalable & Personalised Via Sitecore

Boosting Customer Retention with Personalised Communications across Devices & Channels

One of the top life insurance companies in Singapore, operating for over 85 years. It provides financial solutions to customers through a multi-channel distribution network.

Delivering Personalised Customer Communications to drive Greater Business Outcomes

Major US holding company providing insurance, investments and many other services to 27 million customers – including policy services in 52 states, with different regulatory policies.

Building Customer Loyalty with Personalised Multi Channel Interaction

The client was handling its communication processes fully in-house using a single delivery operator. The process lacked flexibility and was highly expensive. It was also difficult to manage the bank’s needs

Is automation the new normal in the logistics and supply chain management

McKinsey in its report on automation in logistics anticipates that fully automated warehouses with autonomous vehicles patrolling the aisles will become a reality sooner. Logistic sector is poised to witness managers with Augmented Reality (AR) glasses to have complete visibility over the entire scale of operations and fluid co-ordination between human employees and robots for faster, responsive and efficient operations.

Automation now and beyond the new normal shift to intelligent automation

Intelligent automation has arrived as a solution for businesses not just to overcome the present turbulence created by the global pandemic but also to keep them future-ready and crisis proof. The business world is seeing the transformation of Robotic Process Automation into a more responsive, more intelligent and more agile intelligent automation.

Conversational ai an opportunity for brands to come closer to customers in next normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has however put all doubts to rest about the ROI of digital transformation. There has been a drastic increase in AI adoption across sectors - ranging from business operations, to production and employee engagement to collaboration, digital communication to conferences

The need for intelligent automation to improve remote workforce management and workstreams

Remote workforce management is rapidly becoming an area of concern for organisations. Further, artificial intelligence led innovation has created a wave of opportunities for brands, in the shape of intelligent automation, RPA, conversational AI and chat bots.

Why boosting investment on automation makes sense to combat covid19

Businesses across the globe are turning towards automation to do more with less- being agile, to increase ROI and to deliver with an accelerated pace, amidst an increased demand and rapidly changing global scenario.

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