Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP) and Content Services Platforms are the key enablers of the digital workplace suite of technologies that drive business continuity today.

Espire’s suite of cloud based content services and collaboration tools will empower your employees to successfully navigate the complexities of remote work. With access to content and information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, we ensure resilience to business disruption. Our AI/ML enabled and cloud based Content Services for virtual teams encourage innovation and collaboration to help stakeholders stay focused on business growth.

Technology Partners

Espire has partnered with the leaders in this space to deploy remote collaboration technologies for our global customers to help them stay competitive in the digital age.


Espire offers a range of services to enable content collaboration, knowledge management and virtual team meetings and conferences with our flexible and secure cloud enabled Content Services Platforms and Content Collaboration Platforms . Cost effective and scalable, they ensure workforce can stay committed to business outcomes, at all times.


Digital Transformation consultants from Espire will carry out gap analysis, develop road maps, evaluation of products/solutions, and compliance guidelines


End-to-end implementation of Content Services tool sets enabled by our implementation accelerators and frameworks


Seamless and modular transition from legacy enterprise content management systems to the new digital workplace technology

Enterprise Applications Migration

Espire's team will work as an extension of your IT team to keep the 'lights on' and efficiently manage the operations of your digital workplace ecosystem. We are geared to work with flexible models of engagement to keep pace with your business goals and demands


  • Collaboration

    Multiple stakeholders can work on same document - share and manage information and knowledge

  • Extended Access

    Easily search and find any content asset from anywhere, anytime and from any device

  • Productivity & Team spirit

    Does away with information silos and communication barriers to instead encourage team work and virtual team meetings (voice & video), promoting

  • Elevate employee experience (EX)

    Dramatically improves the potential of the talent to adapt to a digital workplace environment

  • AI/ML Assisted

    Helps with actionable insights and better workflow management

  • Knowledge management

    End-to-end content management automation and efficient content delivery

  • Smart work environment

    Ensures a smarter work environment in tune with rapid digitization

  • Fewer compliance risks

    Extract meaningful insights without risking compliance

  • Quicker decision making

    Ensures quicker decision making


Improved CX by 3X with agile DXP solutions for one of  the world's leading petrochemical manufacturer

Improved CX by 3X with agile DXP solutions for one of  the world's leading petrochemical manufacturer

Streamlined Workflows with automation & Low-code Application Platform for a UK-based leading drilling solutions provider

Streamlined Workflows with automation & Low-code Application Platform for a UK-based leading drilling solutions provider

Crafting Bespoke Claims Handling System for a leading UK based Insurance brand to enhance Customer Retention

A leading UK-based Insurance brand dealing primarily in claims business, which specializes in employer's liability and third-party insurance coverages for over 100 years now.

Product Development and Application Modernization of Pension Administration Suite on Oracle ADF 11g

The client’s current PAS application is built on Oracle Forms & Reports, client needed to modernize the current PAS with the latest technology stack, i.e., Oracle (Application Development Framework) ADF. The project also included the requirement to upgrade the current backend database built on Oracle.

Optimized Workflows with a Dynamics-based solution for a Leading Australian University

We deployed multiple service improvements to align the customer's marketing campaigns with sales (leads) and convert these opportunities into business (student enrolments), Designed a customized solution for messaging using Twilio, Streamlined academic processes by leveraging MS Flow and deploying an automatic approval mechanism alongwith Successfully carried out payment gateway and banner application integrations.

Digital workplace solutions for the healthcare sector

Digital workplace solutions can help healthcare workers share critical patient data with utmost confidentiality, while effectively collaborating within different departments of the hospital to share knowledge, discuss treatment regime and save lives

Top 5 ways how digital transformation is empowering change in higher education

Digital transformation has helped higher education institutions optimize key business operations, while making education accessible to all the global citizens. Digital Education has been a key enabler for higher education institutes for driving greater enrolments as well as enriching student experience and engagements

Building next gen universities with digital workplace solutions for achieving total experience goals

Higher Education Universities must focus on digitally transforming their existing learning models while simplifying their operations by employing futuristic technologies to deliver unified experiences to the staff and students. With online, seamless, integrated, and intuitive collaboration tools, Digital Workplace solutions can help solve business problems and enable universities to operate productively.

Microsoft graph import third party platform messages in teams

Managing multiple points of interactions across diverse messaging platforms is not only tedious but also becomes a point of confusion with potential loss of information. Taking cognizance of this, Microsoft Graph has launched APIs to programmatically import third-party platform messages into Microsoft Teams. Users can now import channel messages into a new team, specify the message sender, add timestamp and link to files

Microsoft graph top usecases for businesses to bolster productivity and growth

Microsoft Graph has emerged as a preferred choice for large enterprises for building scalable solutions across multiple platforms and APIs. With its wide access to data and insights, it allows developers to create customer-centric solutions and deliver impeccable experiences across multiple devices to millions of users




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