Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP) and Content Services Platforms are the key enablers of the digital workplace suite of technologies that drive business continuity today.

Espire’s suite of cloud based content services and collaboration tools will empower your employees to successfully navigate the complexities of remote work. With access to content and information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, we ensure resilience to business disruption. Our AI/ML enabled and cloud based Content Services for virtual teams encourage innovation and collaboration to help stakeholders stay focused on business growth.

Technology Partners

Espire has partnered with the leaders in this space to deploy remote collaboration technologies for our global customers to help them stay competitive in the digital age.


Espire offers a range of services to enable content collaboration, knowledge management and virtual team meetings and conferences with our flexible and secure cloud enabled Content Services Platforms and Content Collaboration Platforms . Cost effective and scalable, they ensure workforce can stay committed to business outcomes, at all times.


Digital Transformation consultants from Espire will carry out gap analysis, develop road maps, evaluation of products/solutions, and compliance guidelines


End-to-end implementation of Content Services tool sets enabled by our implementation accelerators and frameworks


Seamless and modular transition from legacy enterprise content management systems to the new digital workplace technology

Enterprise Applications Migration

Espire's team will work as an extension of your IT team to keep the 'lights on' and efficiently manage the operations of your digital workplace ecosystem. We are geared to work with flexible models of engagement to keep pace with your business goals and demands


  • Collaboration

    Multiple stakeholders can work on same document - share and manage information and knowledge

  • Extended Access

    Easily search and find any content asset from anywhere, anytime and from any device

  • Productivity & Team spirit

    Does away with information silos and communication barriers to instead encourage team work and virtual team meetings (voice & video), promoting

  • Elevate employee experience (EX)

    Dramatically improves the potential of the talent to adapt to a digital workplace environment

  • AI/ML Assisted

    Helps with actionable insights and better workflow management

  • Knowledge management

    End-to-end content management automation and efficient content delivery

  • Smart work environment

    Ensures a smarter work environment in tune with rapid digitization

  • Fewer compliance risks

    Extract meaningful insights without risking compliance

  • Quicker decision making

    Ensures quicker decision making


Successfully Carried out Cloud Migration for a Leading US-based Healthcare Organization

The customer specializes in creating and delivering patient obligation communications for healthcare revenue cycle management they were managing critical business data on-premises, which increased their capital and operating expenditure on physical infrastructure, that needed a technology solution to support application scalability and disaster recovery also required a strategic technology partner to carry out dataset movement from on-premises to AWS

Improved Customer Experience & Collaboration for a Leading Hospital in Singapore

A leading hospital in the Singapore group of healthcare institutions which was established in 2008. The client is the group's largest hospital and serves as the tertiary hospital for the cluster. Required a user-friendly portal with enhanced features for collaboration and data sharing for the staff, Needed to create an Intranet portal, which serves as a gateway to access all other institution sites under its cluster

Designed a scalable Analytics and BI Platform for a leading UK-based Mutual Insurance Company

The client is a leading UK-based mutual insurance company, which provides general insurance products to the members of the trade union and other not-for-profit organizations. Due to the constraints of their existing legacy architecture, they were looking a modern web-based architecture which could seamlessly integrate with multiple in-house applications being used by their different departments.

Enhanced DW Ecosystem with Cloud Migration for a leading European Insurance Company

The customer who is a leading European insurance group, that provides different insurance products to over 30 countries, required a technology partner to carry out cloud migration as majority of data intake was through delimited files coming from varied sources & DW Integration to data sources was partially automated as in majority of cases data extracts were manually placed in folders. Espire assessed the business bottlenecks and suggested a two-step phase-wise approach to ensure incremental evolution of the DW ecosystem in cloud by migrating all existing data warehouse ecosystem from SQL Server to Azure Synapse.

Developed a Tuition Reduction Benefit Form with Signature & Notification Functionalities for a Leading Australian University

The customer wanted to develop an easily accessible form online to help students leverage the Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) seamlessly. Espire helped the customer create a TRB form by leveraging MS Power Apps using Canvas Apps, the submitted forms will get automatically stored in SharePoint & the approval process is built using Power Automate, the approving authority will receive an instant notification to approve/reject the form

Microsoft graph import third party platform messages in teams

Managing multiple points of interactions across diverse messaging platforms is not only tedious but also becomes a point of confusion with potential loss of information. Taking cognizance of this, Microsoft Graph has launched APIs to programmatically import third-party platform messages into Microsoft Teams. Users can now import channel messages into a new team, specify the message sender, add timestamp and link to files

Microsoft graph top usecases for businesses to bolster productivity and growth

Microsoft Graph has emerged as a preferred choice for large enterprises for building scalable solutions across multiple platforms and APIs. With its wide access to data and insights, it allows developers to create customer-centric solutions and deliver impeccable experiences across multiple devices to millions of users

Digital workplace solutions how espire is helping brands build business

With lockdowns and work from home emerging as the new normal, the need to keep employees engaged, motivated and productive was of paramount importance for global businesses. Modern Digital Workplace (DWP) solutions bring together the best of tools & technologies to optimize workflows, foster collaboration and improve employee experiences.

Espires top 10 webinars for fy20 21 a win win for us our partners and customers

With FY20-21 in hindsight, in this blog, we share a list of Espire’s top 10 webinars from the past financial year that resulted in win-win for us, our partners and our clients!

Microsoft teams is ushering in an era of seamless digital classrooms

Today's challenging times have pushed for a monumental growth of digital transformation in education as schools and colleges needed to quickly adopt and transition to online learning and that too at a very short notice. This meant adoption of such collaborative platforms that would allow them to seamlessly shift to the new paradigm

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