The emergence of digital together with cloud, mobile, big data and IOT has sharply raised customer demands and expectations. Responding to these challenges requires companies to re-engineer their application landscape for seamless interoperability and interaction between disparate systems.

Espire's Enterprise Integrations practice bring capabilities around API Management, Enterprise Service Bus, Application Data Integration and IoT for applications and devices hosted on-premises and on-cloud.

Technology Partners

We offer SOA, ESB & API based solutions from MuleSoft, WSO2 and Biztalk


Integration solutions from Espire are designed to help organizations optimize their enterprise processes, respond to market demands with speed and agility, and deliver a completely enhanced customer experience

Whether it is integration of applications, business to business, device or cloud, we add value to the project with proprietary Integration accelerators and frameworks which significantly reduce your OPEX and time to market

Advisory & Consulting

Architecture consulting, planning and design of integration journey, roadmap, governance model, platform and product rationalization

Design & Implementation

Coding, configuration and development of middleware

API Management

API Strategy and consulting, API product and platform services and implementation

Managed Services

Various flexible and cost-effective managed services models to support and maintain enterprise technology landscape

Espire Insights

Migrating and Developing Kentico Website to SDL Tridion Content Management Portal

The client is a US based Education domain conglomerate who really wanted to be in pace with ever changing technology and related needs. The client had an online Education Portal based on the Kentico Web CMS. This educational conglomerate needs to go global and multilingual and scale out the existing website to meet the ever changing technology need.

Achieving Superior Digital Student Experiences in ACU with Personalisation, powered by Sitecore

Achieving Superior Digital Student Experiences in ACU with Personalisation, powered by Sitecore | Winning Students in the Digital Age With a Customer Experience that is Scalable & Personalised Via Sitecore

Boosting Customer Retention with Personalised Communications across Devices & Channels

One of the top life insurance companies in Singapore, operating for over 85 years. It provides financial solutions to customers through a multi-channel distribution network.

Delivering Personalised Customer Communications to drive Greater Business Outcomes

Major US holding company providing insurance, investments and many other services to 27 million customers – including policy services in 52 states, with different regulatory policies.

Building Customer Loyalty with Personalised Multi Channel Interaction

The client was handling its communication processes fully in-house using a single delivery operator. The process lacked flexibility and was highly expensive. It was also difficult to manage the bank’s needs

Understanding 5 essential devops principles

DevOps is a combination of software development practices that conjoins the terms 'development' and 'operations' together to shorten the time taken to process a new software development, a new software feature, enhancements, updates or bug fixes in alignment with business objectives and added value to users.

The 7 emerging devops trends to look for in 2020

DevOps is helping companies simplify their application development process, deliver faster and reach market swiftly- beating competition and fetching higher ROI with boosted business outcomes

The top 6 reasons for opting managed services

AMS is growing rapidly as its market is expected to reach $87.6 Bn by 2025. Companies leveraging an AMS provider can focus on innovations as IT teams can be engaged into productive tasks leading to growth of business

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