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Espire Infolabs is a Digital Transformation and Total Experience (TX) Solutions provider with a Cross-Enterprise approach to deliver future-ready services that are resilient to market disruptions. With focus on TX, we are paving way for enterprises to deploy & deliver the best Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), and Business Experience (BX) – with overarching service offerings around Multi-Experience (MX), and User Experience (UX).

Espire’s Top 10 Webinars for FY20-21: A Win-Win For us, Our Partners and Customers!

2020 will always be remembered as the year that accelerated digital adoption and transformation across the world. A year that zoomed the canvass of remote collaboration tools (DWP tools) and Digital Experiences to allow businesses to seamlessly operate while prioritizing employee safety amidst the pandemic-led lockdowns.

No matter how constricted and caged people felt during the new normal, there is no denying that events, conferences and meetings took place (albeit virtually) more than ever. Webinars and meetings have become a common place now. At Espire, we accepted the COVID-19 challenge and teamed with our partners to create new avenues for learning while creating exceptional digital customer experiences, technology disruptions, application modernization, infrastructure modernization and novel digital workplace practices- to collaborate and find means of disruptive customer communications.

With FY20-21 in hindsight, in this blog, we share a list of Espire’s top 10 webinars from the past financial year that resulted in win-win for us, our partners and our clients!

1. Sitecore XP10 Upgrade: Why, How & Why Now!

Partner: Sitecore

In our webinar with Sitecore, learn from industry leaders how to mitigate current & upcoming business challenges and why Sitecore XP10 Upgrade is the answer for all your digital business needs.


  • Market Challenges & Trends + Why Sitecore Upgrade is Imperative
  • Need to leverage content better & elevate CX with minimum effort
  • Solve the Content Crunch with Sitecore Content Hub
  • Get most of the Sitecore with integrated marketing campaign platform
  • 5-step approach for impactful Sitecore upgrade with Espire for promising returns

Sitecore upgrade why how and why now blog banner

2. Working Remotely: Expedite Your Teams Adoption & Up Productivity by >10% 

Partner: Microsoft

The biggest challenge of working remotely stems from the lack of technology infrastructure, and lack of comfort with new ways of working. Watch this webinar to gain insights from leading experts on Teams adoption for superior employee experiences and business outcomes!


  • Craft an 'anytime, anywhere, any device strategy' for your organisation with Microsoft Teams
  • Optimise your Office 365 investment, to garner >10% increase in productivity
  • Improve governance, employee experience & collaboration, manifold
  • How Espire has been helping brands in smooth transition to remote working in times of crisis

3. Attain Rapid ROI with 50% faster Legacy Transformation using AI & ML 

Partner: Quadient

Watch our webinar with Quadient to speed up legacy transformation based on 'InspireXpress' which combines the power of AI/ML & NLP, for better returns - now and in the times to come!


  • Reduce cost & time by 95% for Analysis, Business case and Specs creation
  • Learn the key disciplines for successful, faster legacy transformation
  • Adopt a 4-step approach from CCM to CXM using AI/ML and NLP to match customer demands
  • Achieve 50% faster CX transformation & reduce transformation spend by 37%
  • How Espire + Quadient partnership have powered brands over the years
  • Bonus: 9 Key considerations for migration

4. Legacy Transformation in Insurance with low cost, low risk cloud-based systems in record time

Partner: Anchorstone

Learn the fastest, cost-effective and secure way to adopt an efficient cloud-based solution for claims handling, quote and buy requirements in our webinar with cloud solutions consultancy leader - Anchorstone Consulting.


  • Issues with Legacy systems & why Cloud is the answer
  • Dispel fear of change from legacy systems - Get results fast with low risk
  • Smartly tackle regulatory & operational risk, along with increased flexibility
  • How a smart cloud-based system helped an insurance provider achieve positive outcomes
  • How Espire + Anchorstone Consulting is powering insurers to improve efficiency & save costs

Legacy Transformation in Insurance with low cost, low risk cloud-based systems in record time

5. Power Digital Readiness & CX to Reshape Engagement Dynamics in New Normal

Partner: OpenText

In this webinar with CCM & CX transformation leader OpenText, learn from industry experts how to power digital readiness & reshape engagement dynamics, for better returns in the new normal.


  • New Normal & Beyond : Markets, customer expectations & challenges
  • Digital-first & Digital readiness: Achieve most out of your OpenText CCM platform
  • Leverage Cloud adoption for a scalable and optimised platform
  • Espire + OpenText Exstream Success Stories for brands to maximise ROI

6. Transforming RPA vision into reality with UiPath Hyperautomation 

Partner: UiPath

This webinar with Hyperautomation leader - UiPath, helps businesses unravel the power of Hyperautomation & transform their RPA vision into reality.


  • Learn how to make your automation journey scalable and successful
  • Get insights into democratising the automation ideation process
  • Explore the 'Art of Possible' using UiPath Hyperautomation - AI/ML, Process Mining, Task Mining
  • How Espire + UiPath can help organisations rapidly identify & automate processes for business optimisation

7. How API-first can bolster renewal & acquisition by 10% in Insurance 

Partner: WSO2

Unravel how an API-first approach can help Insurers bolster their renewal and customer acquisition substantially in our webinar with WSO2 (Leader in the Forrester Wave: API Management Solution, Q4-2018).


  • Top Benefits of API-first approach - for insurers to scale up fast with superior CX
  • Increase productivity & efficiency - improved API workflows save time & effort on every task
  • Leverage API-integration to optimize premiums via product customization
  • How API-first helped a UK insurance business increase renewal & new customer acquisition by 10%
  • How Espire + WSO2 is powering businesses to boost customer acquisition

8. Driving Contextual Digital Engagements in FSI with Sitecore 

Partner: Sitecore

Watch our webinar with digital experience leader - Sitecore to produce faster, empathetic & contextual communications for customers & reap positive outcomes!


  • Impact of COVID-19: Markets, customer expectations & challenges
  • Digital readiness needed to acquire, engage & retain customers
  • Drive digital engagements through data-driven targeting in FSI
  • Personalize journeys across customer lifecycle with faster time to market
  • The 'Art of Possible' journey with Sitecore

9. Breathe Life in your MarTech Stack with Sitecore + CRM Integration 

Partner: Sitecore

In this webinar on Sitecore xDB + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration to discover how you can breathe life in your MarTech stack & build an everlasting connect with your customers!


  • How Sitecore xDB can work wonders with various CRMs & address challenges
  • Enhance personalization goals with best practices of using CRM data
  • Improve Email Marketing Efforts & Optimize Campaigns with CRM analytics
  • Automate Lead Generation Stream into CRM & Build Targeted Content
  • Live Demo: How Sitecore + MS Dynamics can ensure fluidic lead sharing

10. Unleash the Power of MS Power Platform & Build Biz Solutions 3X Faster

Partner: Microsoft

In this webinar learn from experts how to utilize the MS Power Platform to build business solutions 3X faster!


  • Bring more power of innovation & agility to your business
  • Achieve record time to market & Build apps & bots in 2-3 weeks
  • Witness real-life use cases & bring virtual agents to life
  • Gain competitive advantage with connected applications ecosystem

Marching Towards Continued Excellence in 2021 and Beyond

Espire's endeavour to deliver customer-centric, digital & customer experience transformation solutions, and total experience by covering end-to-end services of multi-experience (MX), user experience (UX) and employee experience (EX) will continue to remain our primary focus in the years to come.


Improved CX by 3X with agile DXP solutions for one of  the world's leading petrochemical manufacturer

Improved CX by 3X with agile DXP solutions for one of  the world's leading petrochemical manufacturer

Streamlined Workflows with automation & Low-code Application Platform for a UK-based leading drilling solutions provider

Streamlined Workflows with automation & Low-code Application Platform for a UK-based leading drilling solutions provider

The omnichannel advantage how print and digital work together to improve the customer experience

An Omni channel customer experience is a strategy that allows customers to interact with a brand seamlessly across multiple channels, including in-person, online, mobile, and social media. This approach ensures that customers receive a consistent experience across all channels, regardless of where they are on the buying journey

Innovative technologies transforming the energy and utility sector

The energy and utility sectors are undergoing significant transformations because of innovative technologies that are changing the way businesses operate. These technologies are not only helping energy and utility companies to become more efficient, but they are also opening new opportunities for revenue growth. However, with new technologies come new challenges, and companies need to invest in management services to make the most of these opportunities and improve their ROI

Energy and Utilities Industry at the Forefront of the Sustainable Transition

To deliver sustainable transition, leading Utilities are not only investing in energy-efficient upgrades and renewable energy sources, but also leveraging digital transformation to identify sustainable, customer-centric business models and creating a partner ecosystem that unlocks opportunities and broadens the horizon of utilities beyond energy

Top 6 Benefits of CX Personalization for Businesses with Sitecore Personalize CDP

Customer experience (CX) has become the key competitive differentiator for businesses to build customer loyalty. Sitecore Personalize and CDP can help businesses create more personalized and engaging customer experiences, leading to increased loyalty, higher revenue, and improved customer satisfaction

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