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    Attain Rapid ROI with 50% faster Legacy Transformation using AI & ML

    Broadcast Date : September 15, 2020 | Tuesday | 11 AM BST

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Why Watch?

    As the EMEA region and the world at large traverses through the pandemic, data-driven insights are what will help organisations bring the economy back in its feet! As we try to make sense of more data, AI and ML will continue to be a shining star.

    A recent Forbes report states that - AI & ML are changing the amount of data companies can gather, as well as how they are using it - companies are better able to create customer-centric, personalised experiences.

    So, what is holding back the senior management?

    While most recognize the need to move to a Unified CEP (Customer Engagement Platform), but perceived risks & cost creates inertia and sluggishness. An EY report on Digital Transformation for 2020 & beyond states - legacy IT and a lack of skills are acting as brakes to digital innovation.

    Watch our webinar with Quadient to speed up legacy transformation based on 'InspireXpress' which combines the power of AI/ML & NLP, for better returns - now and in the times to come!

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    Scott Draeger

    Scott Draeger

    VP, Customer Transformation,
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    Kaustubh Anil Varde

    Kaustubh Varde

    VP, Sales, Espire Infolabs
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