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Legacy Transformation in Insurance with low cost, low risk cloud-based systems in record time

calendar Icon Thursday | September 10 | 11 AM BST


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Why Attend?

Insurance companies are increasing their investment in cloud, but for most it remains a confusing mix of infrastructure & application deployment options, states Gartner 2020 report.

Cloud-based solutions, however, do represent the answer to the constant operational & maintenance issues and lack of intuitive new features that legacy systems carry.

Legacy transformation with a cloud-based system doesn't have to break the budget though, and it doesn't need to be high risk and can still be implemented in a cost-effective time frame.

Learn 'how this is possible' in our upcoming webinar with cloud solutions consultancy leader - Anchorstone Consulting, and unravel the fastest, most cost-effective & secure way to adopt an efficient cloud-based solution for all your claims handling, quote and buy requirements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Issues with Legacy systems & why Cloud is the answer
  • Dispel fear of change from legacy systems - Get results fast with low risk
  • Smartly tackle regulatory & operational risk, along with increased flexibility
  • How a smart cloud-based system helped an insurance provider achieve positive outcomes
  • How Espire + Anchorstone Consulting is powering insurers to improve efficiency & save costs


Nick Record Founder & Managing Director
Anchorstone Consulting

Nick has been a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in development and delivery of global HR transformation strategy, technology and operations. He has expertise in understanding what can go wrong during a transformation & knows that short-cuts merely pile the pressure on downstream. He works with organisations up front to minimise risk and avoid kicking the can down the road.

Keshav Viswanath Associate Director - EMEA
Espire Infolabs

With nearly 2 decades of versatile experience, Keshav is a multi-faceted individual with expertise in digital transformation projects including AI/ML,DXP, CCM & others. He handles strategic & operational management within UK and Europe in the IT space.