Agile Tech Solutions & Agile Mindset: Foundation of future-ready & resilient Businesses

In the changing world scenario of technological advancements, business paradigms are evolving to accommodate more customer-friendly processes. Ultimately, delivering satisfactory results to the customers has become the end-goal of every organization.

With this shift, there has been a need for businesses to embark on their digital journey with agile tech solutions while integrating it with agile way of working across enterprise. The Agile business developmentallows a business to produce enhanced services for the end-user and restructure plans to accommodate user-friendly algorithms.

The Agile technologies help employees become self-sufficient and motivated to work more collaboratively & deliver ROI-driven solutions while eliminating the constant need for supervision and micro-management to achieve goals.

“60% of companies experience growth in revenue & profits after adopting an Agile approach”- states recent study by Harvard Business Research

This is why organizations today are working towards adapting the Agile mindset for legacy modernization and training their employees on agile technological solutions to create value for their customers;

Here is how you can do it too.

Promoting Agile Mindset in the work culture

1. Strategizing for Value Creation

Collaborate with the employees and the stakeholders, to define potential outcomes and expectations from the campaign results.

2. Mapping Short-Term Goals

Every step of the process needs to be defined including the deliverables of the employees involved.

3. Execution, Management, and Adaptations

Give clear and concise feedback to the team and be open to receiving theirs as well. The exchange of feedback and suggestions creates a team that works towards an end goal, i.e. achieving customer satisfaction.

4. Encouraging Self-Governance

Dismantling hierarchical differences and encouraging contribution and feedback from every member create accountability to bring Agile methodology in business.

Adopting agile technological solutions to implement above steps easily and effectively for better business benefits

1. Better productivity and quality control

Agile methodologies are a great way to boost your company's innovation, agility and speed. With emphasis on customer insight and collaboration, teams equipped with agile technologies are generally able to quickly identify and respond to customer issues and their needs. Learn how we help global businesses innovate and collaborate across departments and offer a unified customer view- delivering game changing, personalized and contextual omni-channel digital experiences to inspire customer trust and loyalty.

Optimized Workflows with a Dynamics-based solution for a Leading Australian University

2. Scalability

Agile technologies are based on principles of adaptability, flexibility, and responding to change, which help organizations to scale their teams and projects quickly and easily. As the organization grows, and new teams/ projects are formed, they can then easily draw on the experience of the first few teams. Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP) and Content Services Platforms are the key enablers of the digital workplace suite of technologies that drive business continuity today.

Espire’s suite of cloud based content services and collaboration tools will empower your employees to successfully navigate the complexities of remote work.

3. Increase in ROI

As agile methods are based on the value of customer insight to launch improved products/services for customers- leading to increased customer satisfaction and ROI. Improved customer satisfaction and retention is one of the top benefits of implementing agile technologies. Keep pace with changes in digital technologies, customer preferences and evolving business goals with Espire’s application development, modernization and managed services and accelerate your enterprise digital transformation and customer experience goals.

Here is how we delivered consistent and Compelling Customer Communication with Self-Serve Communication Portal

Delivering Consistent and Compelling Customer Communication with Self Serve Communication Portal

4. Improve partner and customer relationships

With customers ever-increasing demands for better experiences, businesses across all industries are looking to technology to provide customer support. A well-designed customer support platform that offers real-time chat, ticketing, phone support, and more- is what you need to optimize your customer support strategy.

At Espire, we enable a unified omni-channel customer experience across channels with on-demand, interactive or automated batch communications. Espire’s CCM Solutions help brands deliver omni-channel CX at scale.


The Agile way of working along with next-gen technologies is not achieved overnight; it requires constant efforts and interventions from the people involved. Adopting agile technologies and executing agile processes require every member’s effort and the will to bring a change and legacy software modernization- which is imperative to achieve sustainable growth.

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