Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

Business Challenges

In client’s existing system, carrying out any changes in multiple insurance related documents was high on cost and required long TAT.

Business Solution

Espire proposed a robust solution to the client, where user can make most of the changes in insurance related document production with minimized IT efforts.

A single-sign on web-interface to access the range modular components provided through a product or client engagement, for all different business needs.

Business Benefits

  • Eye-blink self-serve Solution with an easy to use user interface, enabling client to self-serve change and managementof simple print and digital templates
  • Strong business user control, with business departments owning the content they create, drastically reducing the time to market
  • Optimization of customer interactions wherever it takes place - call center, mobile phone, tablet, SMS, web, email and print

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