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Pravin leads the European business operations for Espire with emphasis on developing and managing strategic accounts for the region. As a strong advocate of Customer Centric Solutions, he has been leading the UK/Europe region’s initiatives to bring about exponential growth for Espire's Customer Communications and Digital Content Management business lines.

Transforming the Insurance Sector with Digital Experience, Data Analytics & Automation

Over the last few decades, insurance companies have been following the traditional business model which focused on policy, paperwork and depended on manual efforts. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the paradigm for both customers and businesses, accelerating the adoption of digital channels and solutions.

The growing dependence on digitalization is remodeling the ways of business and changing how products and services are delivered. The customers of today demand one-click claim submissions, 24X7 access to customer service professionals, seamless transactions and premium renewals etc. Leading insurance brands are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to simplify complex business processes like regulation, policy design, claim management and customer service among others.

In this blog, we will discuss how digital transformation is empowering the insurance sector to build business resilience and growth.

1. Automated claims handling and management

Claims handling and management is one of the pain points of the insurance sector. Most insurance companies have been dependent on their employees for handling claims and settlements, however, the dependence of manual efforts opens the possibility of financial leakage due to human error and negligence. Espire is helping insurance brands in deploying intelligent automation to improve claims processes and save operational costs.

According to recent research by Mckinsey & Company, Automation can reduce the cost of a claims journey by as much as 30% .

By leveraging automation, insurers can reduce their dependence on manual efforts and streamline labor pools. Our automation solutions helped businesses in increasing their claims processing time, improve their time to market and drive higher customer satisfaction.

This success story showcases how Espire migrated off a legacy product to develop an end-to-end claims management system with automated calculations (from days to minutes) and a controlled payment process for reducing the dependence on manual efforts and stop financial leakage. This included aggregated Claims features and automated reporting of outstanding claims to ELTO- Employee Liability Tracing Office. We implemented a fully configurable and comprehensive reporting system supported by PowerBI for better management of inbuilt system reports. Know more .

2. Delivering personalized customer experience

As per Gartner, Insurers must build robust CX strategies aimed at improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and customer advocacy.

Digitalization is constantly upending old business models as customers expect superior service and unmatched experience from insurance companies. Customer experience should be a top focus area for businesses that want to improve customer acquisition and retention. Espire is assisting brands in the insurance sector leverage digital experience platforms and marketing automation tools to drive contextual customer experience across all customer touchpoints to enhance customer engagements and loyalty.

This success story showcases how Espire leveraged Sitecore to deploy marketing automation to drive personalized & contextual experiences to customers across touchpoints. We carried out effective customer journey mapping providing a 360-degree view of the customer, put in place persona driven marketing campaigns with custom predefined goals to drive greater customer acquisition and retention. Read the complete case study here .

Legacy Transformation in Insurance with low cost, low risk cloud-based systems in record time

3. Streamlining operations with data & predictive analytics

Leading companies are using data and analytics not only to improve their core operations but to launch entirely new business models, states a report by Mckinsey & Company.

Insurance companies have historic data available at their disposal at all times but only a few know how to tap the hidden value of data to analyze customer needs and design agile business models or services. By leveraging predictive analytics business leaders can use real-time data and insights to design customized service offerings for the customers and take faster decisions. Espire is helping insurance companies leverage data and predictive analytics to improve risk assessment metrics, streamline underwriting and product development as well as optimize business operations.

This success story showcases how Espire designed & implemented an automated crystallisation system to support the end-to-end inward and outward data flow with all business use cases. We successfully migrated critical business data from legacy solutions to cloud-based crystallistion system. Our solution provided easy access to critical business data and faster generation of reports, improving staff efficiency and experience. Read more .

4. Designing state-of-the-art quote & buy systems

Gone are the days when customers would wait in queues for claim submissions or issue redressal. The customers of today want services on-the-go, be it getting an insurance quote, paying their premiums or raising a claim request. With customers leveraging multiple channels to seek information, brands in the insurance sector must prioritize designing customer self-service platforms.

Espire is helping leading insurance companies design scalable self-service platforms to allow the customers to access policy related information, carry out policy renewals with one tap, raise service requests and etc, while improving customer service and reducing the query resolution time.

This success story showcases how Espire implemented an Umbraco-based system for carrying out customizations of the forms and modules. We leveraged an ESB Connector to facilitate quote, policy generation and saving customer details. Our solutions enhanced customer experience and acquisition. Know more.

Driving Contextual Digital Engagements in Finance & Insurance with Sitecore

The insurance industry is leveraging disruptive technology to build innovative solutions for enhancing customer experience, automating key business processes and improving service efficiency. At Espire, we are assisting leading insurance companies implement state-of-the-art technology solutions to achieve their business goals and build resilience.

To discover how we're assisting leading brands in the sector accelerate their business growth & scalability, visit /industries/insurance or get in touch at


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The customers of today demand one-click claim submissions, 24X7 access to customer service professionals, seamless transactions and premium renewals etc. Leading insurance brands are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to simplify complex business processes like regulation, policy design, claim management and customer service among others.

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Legacy transformation in insurance with low cost low risk cloud based systems in record time

Espire & Anchorstone have a track record of success and are able to support your organisation through this process from end-to-end, dispelling any worries or fear of change within the back office, whilst providing a cost-effective approach.

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