Author : Sushovan Saha
Associate Director - Global Marketing, Espire Infolabs | Sitecore MVP 2021

Sushovan is a Sitecore MVP and a seasoned Marketing professional, with over 11 years of extensive experience in the IT, SaaS, and digital communications industry. At present, he is spearheading multiple marketing initiatives for Espire Infolabs - to drive brand value, increase engagements & realise revenue goals & with the single thought of redefining CX for businesses.

Sitecore CMS a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for DXPs 3 years in a row: How Brands can Benefit

End-to-end content lifecycle management, hybrid headless capability for superior digital experiences, and versatility to connect across the MarTech stack with new offerings such as AI & Horizon - are the top reasons why Sitecore has been named a leader for Digital Experience Platforms in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020

In present times, Sitecore is helping brands drive meaningful and personalized experiences at scale, with its fully integrated digital experience platform. Over the years, Sitecore has maintained its leadership position with its continued evolution, updates and enhancements.

Let's outline how brands can benefit with this announcement, to find the right digital experience platform for their unique, individual needs:

1. End-to-end content lifecycle management with Sitecore Content Hub

The move towards increased personalization for a robust CX strategy requires brands to not just store but produce, manage and publish content from one centralized CMS platform that addresses content from inception to exception to cover every step of the content lifecycle.

Sitecore Content Hub provides new solutions that covers Product Content Management (PCM), Content Marketing Platforms (CMP), and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) - thereby providing marketers with the ability to leverage content for varying business needs. In concise words - Sitecore Content Hub enables marketers to deliver content in an omnichannel manner and helps foster collaboration among different departments within organizations, across the entire content workflow.

Sitecore experience london bring personalisation to life and outperform your 2020 marketing goals1

2. Hybrid Headless Capability for 360-degree view of Customer Interactions

Emerging new channels and devices have upped customer expectations for personalized content along with responsive delivery across channels. Therefore, capability of Headless CMS is much sought after, when we talk hybrid competencies of a CMS. Headless CMS can personalize content according to customer interactions.

Sitecore's Hybrid Headless CMS offers both the benefits of a headless CMS and the abilities to personalize & engage content analytics capabilities. Moreover, Sitecore Omni supported by XDB helps users interpret both content and personalization rules in real time and enables them to present content based on profile information and past interactions.

3. AI & Machine Learning to Personalize without Guesswork

Identifying visitor trends, customer segments, and modifying page elements to drive personalized CX has become many times easier with Sitecore AI. AI helps marketers to design smarter marketing campaigns by deliver contextual content to offer personalized experiences at scale with intelligent insights. Automatic user segmentation by an intelligent AI solution will help marketers tremendously to initiate their personalization strategies and deliver a unique 1:1 targeted personalization.

With the power of Sitecore AI, marketers can now discover new insights on customer behavior - helping them to continuously optimize customer experience and nurture users towards conversion - without any guesswork.

Before we go!

With the inception of Sitecore 9.3, powerful features such as Horizon, AI, and others will allow marketers to improve marketing and campaign management effectiveness with increased personalization - in a record turnaround time.

Sitecore's continued leadership among Digital Experience Platforms will not only solidify its position as the most trusted and efficient CMS but also bolster the efforts of award-winning partners such as Espire to offer truly personalized customer experiences!


Designed a Centralized Content Management System for a Leading UK-based Staffing Business

A leading Global Talent Acquisition and Managed Workforce Solutions provider in the UK, needed support to centralize its content management for the 22+ acquired brands and required a simplified process for posting job openings & deploying regular enhancements for content management. Espire considering the challenges, reimplemented the front-end design framework for better performance, security and SEO optimization. We also redesigned the cloud architecture on Microsoft Azure to support constant enhancements required to centralize & manage enterprise & localized content. 

Design & Development of a Responsive SharePoint Website For the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare providers

The client manages the public healthcare system to ensure that good and affordable basic medical services are available to all Singaporeans.

Enhanced digital customer experiences for a leading Singapore headquartered transshipment hub

The customer's existing website was deployed on-premises and leveraged a WCM platform, Joomla they required a strategic technology partner to revamp the website, improve content delivery and website navigation with needed to map customer journey and access visitor analytics efficiently

Accelerating digital experiences with powerful ui ux for leading industries

UI & UX has emerged as a mainstay when it comes to offering an engaging and easy-to-navigate website/user interface to users. A careful UI/UX design strategy can help in transforming the way organizations interact with their customers as well as their employees by making the platform more streamlined, agile, proactive, easy-to-use and intuitive. Moreover, it can help in increasing user retention, engagement, conversion rates and eventually better ROI.

Espire infolabs enhances search experience for acu wins searchstax partner excellence award 2021

The global leader in search experience management, SearchStax has recognized Espire Infolabs in the Partner Excellence Award 2021 (APAC) for assisting Australian Catholic University (ACU), transform its site search with SearchStudio and driving greater engagement and conversions.

Sitecore composable dxp multiexperience solutions for driving greater business outcomes

Espire is helping leading brands deploy Sitecore Composable DXP to deliver multiexperience and total experience solutions at scale. Sitecore is constantly adding cutting-edge tools and technologies to give marketers and developers the flexibility to compose their DXP platform to deliver total experience solutions at scale. Enterprises are prioritizing their move towards delivering multiexperience solutions to drive impeccable staff and customer experience.

Sitecore ordercloud top features and benefits for driving exceptional digital experiences

Sitecore’s OrderCloud is an API-first headless cloud platform which empowers brands to streamline key business operations like efficient order management, marketplace application integration and driving eCommerce experiences for customers. It seamlessly integrates with your brand’s existing technology stack to drive targeted customer communications and digital experiences across multiple touchpoints

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