Sitecore Symposium 2022: Check out latest updates and announcements

We recently attended Sitecore Symposium 2022 and Sitecore MVP Summit to connect with multiple Sitecore Customers, Partners, and technology companies from all over the world.

According to a recent Gartner survey, nearly 50% of organizations can track the financial benefits of customer experience (CX) projects, while over 80% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on CX, meaning that the skill of realizing benefits will be in high demand.

Sitecore made some huge announcements during the event to continue their journey to build and help and their customer and brands to deliver standout CX through innovative solutions that drive results and build customer loyalty. Here is the quick recap of all the announcements and updates :

1. Sitecore Content Hub One- New Headless CMS

Sitecore is leader in CMS from past decades or more and enhanced existing Sitecore CMS to meet all requirements including headless but there was need for light weight headless CMS for requirement like speed, scalability, and agility so finally we hear about Content Hub One- the Lightweight content management to create dynamic content models fit for any channels.

It’s a pure brand-new headless content management system where it would be easier to create and deliver relevant content to any digital channel. This will further help to in easy content authoring, flexible content modelling, reusability across all channels.

For developers, it would be API first content management, agile DevOps to be used in any programming language and framework.

2. Sitecore Search - AI based web Search Platform

Search is implicit requirement for any DXP implementation so cater same Sitecore announces its own search platform. Earlier Sitecore was offering product search for ecommerce only, now they have announced it for web content as well. Surface hyper-relevant content through AI-powered search.

With the new Sitecore Search now it would be easier to predict search intent and display individualized results with a personalized search experience with more benefits like

  • Customize how content is matched, sorted, and promoted to mirror the specific needs of your search experience
  • Curate AI-based rules to amplify specific content based on business goals, or in response to customer feedback
  • Provide visitors with predictive, type-ahead search in milliseconds, all backed by AI-assisted personalization out of the box

Enhanced digital customer experiences for a leading singapore headquartered transshipment hub spotlight

3. Sitecore Connect - Integration Platform

Now in composable world seamless integration become major challenge so to take an advantage of ready to use integration platform Sitecore announces Sitecore connect. Sitecore Connect is an integration accelerator platform with a drag-and-drop interface for integrating thousands of connectors, both within and outside the Sitecore ecosystem. This will also enable delivery of sophisticated stacks of functionality in a variety of verticals.

As there are already many players in integration platforms which already have built lot of native integrations between multiple tools and technologies, so Sitecore has played on one of the existing used to called as Warkato.

Sitecore will build Multiple connectors and framework to provides a blueprint for how to deliver data and functionality to Sitecore Composable DXP. This ensures Sitecore Connectors are not custom-developed, one-off integrations, but are highly usable, consistent, maintainable, and upgradable.

4. Composable DXP / XM Cloud

It is not new announcement but announced again SaaS based headless XM Cloud with other composable options like CDP/Personalise/Search/Order Cloud etc.

A Composable DXP is a "pick-and-choose" or "go-at-your-own-pace" digital experience solution. This means the platform is broken up into smaller, interchangeable products known as individual packaged-business-capabilities (PBCs), which could include email marketing, customer data platform (CDP), e-commerce, hosting, search, or a combination of many other products.

In some scenarios, a traditional fully integrated DXP might be the better option, but there are benefits to a more composable approach. In general, this is about giving teams choices.

  • Solution freedom and flexible development as it allows you to build-your-own solution with best-of-breed applications
  • Lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Faster delivery cycles as it integrates easily with an existing tech stack

Sitecore composable dxp multiexperience solutions for driving greater business outcomes Blog

Sitecore 10.3

Finally long awaited Sitecore will be releasing its Sitecore XP 10.3 version with following new improvements mainly to ease customer to move to Sitecore XM Cloud / Headless.

  • Modern REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Web-hooks for customization and integration
  • Headless SXA and Next.js components
  • Managed Cloud Premium 2.0
  • 200+ customer-focused enhancements
  • .Net 6 for .Net Core based components
  • Windows Server 2022 support (also for 10.2) to follow
  • Support for SQLR 8.11.2
  • OAuth support in EXM for custom SMTP

Designed a dxp platform to enhance cx for a uk based integrated marketing and communications company insight

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