Enhanced digital customer experiences for a leading Singapore headquartered transshipment hub

About the Brand

A leading Singapore-headquartered global transshipment hub, with port projects spanning across Asia, Europe and the Americas. They operate the world's largest container transshipment hub in Singapore with extensive connectivity to over 600 ports.

Business Challenges

The customer website was deployed on-premises and leveraged a WCM platform, Joomla.

Carrying out any content or design changes on the website required IT involvement, which was a time-consuming process.

Business Needs

  • Required a strategic technology partner to revamp the website, improve content delivery and website navigation
  • Needed to map customer journey and access visitor analytics efficiently

Solutioning proposed by Espire

  • Understanding the client's ambition of re-creating their digital presence, Espire conducted an in-depth investigation and proposed to enable a more interactive and social media friendly website-citing Sitecore with Cloud deployment as a potential solution to meet all security and application functionality requirements

  • Key activities involved:

    • Installation and migration of the current CMS to Sitecore using Microsoft Azure Cloud environment
    • Project and creative design for a responsive portal that increases customer engagements

  • The web-based user interface allows the Content Manager to carry out in-context editing. They can preview, edit and create website content in a staging website, this enhances the content workflow for the user
  • The Site Search module provides a site search functionality, allowing the visitor to view the list of results including PDF format, Microsoft Office documents, which have been published for the searched term
  • Enhanced the overall user journey with seamless content management, product navigation, information search capabilities and much more
  • Successfully carried out tender process automation with payment integration

Business Benefits

  • The customer's website has now been transformed into a powerful prospect & customer engagement platform
  • The revamped website is more dynamic, interactive & scalable with improved content delivery
  • Improved CX with personalized content
  • Ease in accessing files or adding author & updating web content from anywhere
  • Easy access to customer insights & visitor behaviour, resulting in better decision making
  • Improved the time to market by 50% & streamlined tender submission & payment process

Tools & Technologies

  • Sitecore
  • WFFM
  • Azure PaaS Cloud
  • Azure Search Setup

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Enhanced digital customer experiences for a leading Singapore headquartered transshipment hub

The customer's existing website was deployed on-premises and leveraged a WCM platform, Joomla they required a strategic technology partner to revamp the website, improve content delivery and website navigation with needed to map customer journey and access visitor analytics efficiently

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