Author : Kapil Tyagi
Technical Architect

Kapil Tyagi is a key figure in Espire’s Emerging Technologies Center Of Excellence (CoE) for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Conversational AI. He brings on board, in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and advancements in RPA and Conversational AI space, along with over 15 years of experience in application development on Microsoft technology stack.

Why Boosting Investment on Automation makes sense to combat COVID-19

You must be confused at times whether why some organizations with much lesser investment than yours are excelling and far outpacing your growth? We will get you through this answer & much more, as we present to you, how COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the growth of automation and digital transformation.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is the pressing concern across the globe, with no business immune to it- some more and some less i.e. some ahead in automation and digital transformation journey and some behind. Business leaders that were ahead of others in terms of automating their entire business process/units and far ahead in their journey towards digital transformation, are those who have taken least damage except for inevitable and unavoidable!

You may have a business continuity plan and must be implementing it, but somehow the unknown variable of COVID-19 is such that all your equations would need a new theorem/algorithms and newer prognosis!

But what remains constant and certain are these 9 constants under your control:

  • To at least not remain a digital laggard anymore
  • To not remain behind in adopting new-age remote working technologies
  • To not remain behind in implementing automation in all possible business units (BUs)
  • To not still be dumping data in your legacy servers but adopting new age cloud solutions
  • To let customers be responded not in minutes but in seconds with chat bots and self-service
  • To let customers find it all about you and your services in single click of a button
  • To let customers know that you are there with effective CCM solution
  • To let customers not feel like another sales pitch; share well crafted personalized messaging
  • To let customers updated and upbeat with presence across channels and touch points

What can automation do for you right here and right now?

Almost half of company bosses in 45 countries are speeding up plans to automate their businesses as workers are forced to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Source:

41% of respondents in a survey by Ernst & Young said they were investing in speeding up automation.

Right investments in right products that can transform your digital journey is the first step. And if you want to have both investment and products at right cost, then, automation is the right solution!

It helps you do more with less and is prime driver of digital transformation for years and for every business. Automation, if done right, can help you seamlessly enhance productivity and efficiency. The ability of bots to perform tasks with utter precision and round the clock, brings in huge ROI for you in the very first place.

Automation gives you flexibility to increase or reduce man power as and when needed or as and when external limitation forces you to (like today’s COVID-19 crisis). Hence, the more automated your business units are, the more easier it is for you to be flexible, and ultimately have peace of mind, to tackle more critical issues of business growth and sustenance.

Automation helps businesses by letting their workforce create an automation pipeline to support both new and evolving business needs as well as employee needs as they work from home. New RPA platforms help businesses capture tasks and documents process- saving cost and time.


Businesses across the globe are turning towards automation to do more with less- being agile, to increase ROI and to deliver with an accelerated pace amidst an increased demand and rapidly changing global scenario. Health facilities are benefitting largely and thankfully to automation with increased and faster testing results, greater support to call reps and assisting remote teams.

So its high time for you to invest & accelerate your efforts in automating not just costly process but all seemingly possible ones!

Final Note:

Today as we still see COIVD-19 crisis and scare unfold, its time not just to combat the crisis but reflect on our preparedness and/or under preparedness. This is the right time to call all your confusion to walk on the path towards digital transformation, to at least have a workable automation tool, to have a flexible workforce and to be the next digital-first enterprise!

The debate and challenge in the next looming economic crisis will not be about whether or not to move towards digital transformation but it will about creating the right balance between employee and robotic workforce. Are you interested to implement and design an IPA solution in your enterprise? Are you still confused about implementing IPA led automation? It's the right time to get in touch with us to craft the right IPA strategy and set up a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective IPA environment as well as determine the right business process candidate for implementing IPA. You can drop us an email at Do subscribe to our blogs as well, to stay tuned with what’s trending and what matters most to you!

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