5 Top Ways Intelligent Automation Will Result in Improved Business Returns

The need to deliver better business returns in a rapidly changing world has necessitated adoption of innovative technologies along with augmentation of human capabilities - to accelerate time to market. This has led to the growth of Intelligent Automation to leverage bots to perform routine tasks, enhance productivity, improve human resource performance, reduce errors and risks - leading to efficient customer journey and superior customer experience.

Intelligent automation opens a whole new world of opportunities and advantages for brands to outdo competition. It is hence been increasingly adopted and implemented by businesses in every sector. However, adoption of intelligent automation is still in the early stages and many companies are still reflecting on its ROI and output efficiency.

In this blog we will discuss 5 key business benefits of AI-powered intelligent automation for better business returns.

Cost Effectiveness

IPA's primary advantage is its promise for a significant and immediate reduction of expenditure associated with production and other development activities. Cost reduction is achieved from the fact that robots perform task round the clock without getting tired and the need to sleep which is the basic limitation with human led tasks. Also, automation helps in increasing the pace of work done and development activities carried out, leading to higher work output at a much lesser cost.

Error Free Work

Human is to err. It is quite natural and obvious for human led activity to be prone to error and occasional mistakes. This error adds up to a huge cost to company when multiplied with the number of work force engaged in performing various tasks. This turns out to be a pretty huge loss to the enterprise. Robots trained to perform a specific task with accurate algorithms and supported by artificial intelligence, perform tasks scrupulously as assigned and free from error. It leads to a consistent and better quality of work leading estimated output and higher quality promising high returns for the business.

Faster Time to Market

Intelligent Automation with sophisticated and low maintenance bots today help organizations to automate routine, repetitive and mundane tasks with ease. This has led to accelerated delivery with elimination of human error, increased precision, faster delivery and round the clock availability. Filling up forms might take few minutes to complete but, with robots, multiple forms can be filled in few seconds. The bots can take up several tasks over time and save efforts of staffs, helping businesses save huge time.

Human Augmentation

Automation tools not just reduce the burden of task on employees to focus on more productive work but also helps amplify their potential by skilling them with new ways to get the task done. Automation, not requiring any specialized skills, minimizes the role of IT and reduces the dependency of workforce on IT - helping the end-users get their jobs done more efficiently and productively. It also lessens the burden on IT team to cater to crucial tasks and assignments.

Insights for Informed Decisions

Arriving at an in-depth insight and analyzing available data was never as easy as it is with machine learning technology. Machine learning algorithms help businesses to gather, retrieve, track, organize, store and analyze available data to help make informed decisions. Machine learning led analytics is helping brands to simplify their operations, address issues in real-time, arrive at solutions quickly and gives them the ability to foresee future crisis and plan beforehand.

Intelligent Automation & the Way Ahead

The promising benefits and key results of intelligent automation will lead to an increasing trend towards adoption of IA in times to come as intelligent automation technology evolves over a period of time.

Enterprises must equip themselves with right processes and training for full scale deployment to leverage the benefits of automation for higher productivity and business growth.

Are you interested to implement and design an IPA solution in your enterprise? Are you still confused about implementing IPA led automation? It's the right time to get in touch with us to craft the right IPA strategy and set up a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective IPA environment as well as determine the right business process candidate for implementing IPA. You can drop us an email at marketing@espire.com

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