Digital Workplace Solutions: How Espire Is Helping Brands Build Business Resilience & Maximize Employee Productivity

The bygone financial year, dominated by the pandemic disrupted life as we knew it - restricting movements and accelerating digital adoption for business continuity and sustenance. With lockdowns and work from home emerging as the new normal, the need to keep employees engaged, motivated and productive was of paramount importance for global businesses. Modern Digital Workplace (DWP) solutions bring together the best of tools & technologies to optimize workflows, foster collaboration and improve employee experiences.

At Espire, our commitment to combat the pandemic with a spirit of unity and resilience has helped our customers, partners and the business fraternity drive uninterrupted and excellent service delivery with our DWP solutions.

Let's take you through our wins for the year 2020 & explore how we along with our partners in the DWP space have exceeded customer expectations to deliver agile digital solutions amidst stringent lockdowns - across geographies!

1. WEBINAR: Expedite Your Teams Adoption to Up Productivity by >10%

Craft an 'anytime, anywhere, any device strategy' for your organisation with Microsoft Teams adoption to garner increased productivity and collaboration, along with faster ‘time-to-decision'.

2. SUCCESS STORY: Australian Catholic University harnesses cloud, data & AI to spur staff & student success

Ranked among top 2% of all tertiary educational institutions, ACU has been driving exceptional student & staff success in the new normal. In October 2019, ACU had 1100 active Teams users – by March 2020 that had soared to 8,700, a 690% increase in just 5 months. ACU analysis also suggests productivity has more than tripled since the introduction of the digital workspace. To achieve all this, ACU has worked in collaboration with Microsoft Partners Espire Infolabs to deploy leading-edge cloud-based digital tools - cloud, data lake, and AI led virtual assistant

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3. BLOG: The changing landscape of Digital Workplace trends in the Covid19 era

This blog highlights the latest digital workplace trends that continue to boost productivity and offer satisfying employee experience amidst an overwhelming availability of new tools and fragmented digital workplace landscape.

4. WEBINAR: Working Remotely: Improve time to decision >17% with MS Teams

With the spread COVID-19 reaching appalling figures, organisations have implemented WFH policies in place. However, the real question is - whether you are ready for a smooth transition-towards virtual 'offices at homes'! Watch the webinar to learn more.

5. BLOG: Why Microsoft Teams implementation promises upbeat business returns in times of crisis

For a standard 5,000-user organization, a Microsoft Teams implementation can result in an overall net benefit of $27.1 million over 3 years, states a Forrester study. This blog highlights how Microsoft teams provides the optimum technology infrastructure to support WFH & ensure effective collaboration and productivity, while working remotely.

6. WEBINAR: Unleash the Power of MS Power Platform & Build Biz Solutions 3X Faster

A Forrester study states that Power Apps can result in 74% reduction of costs in app development, along with a 4.3% revenue uplift linked to faster development efforts. In this webinar learn from experts - how can you unleash the power of the Power Platform to build business solutions 3X faster!

Unleash the Power of MS Power Platform & Build Biz Solutions 3X Faster

7. BLOG: Top 5 ways covid19 is ushering digital transformation in education industry

Our blog highlights how COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for digital transformation to shatter the outmoded and traditional methods of teaching, learning and engaging for a more creative, vibrant, modern and innovative ways of learning and for combatting the present crisis as well as narrowing the digital divide for students.

8. BLOG: Microsoft teams is ushering in an era of seamless digital classrooms

Today's challenging times have pushed for a monumental growth of digital transformation in education as schools and colleges needed to quickly adopt and transition to online learning. This means adoption of collaborative platforms that allow them to seamlessly shift to this new paradigm.

The world in the next normal- 2021 & beyond would be driven by DWP solutions as brands prioritize employee safety and wellbeing along with enhanced productivity and impeccable service delivery. Espire’s Global partnerships with over 20+ leading brands such as Microsoft, Kofax, Quadient,

Sitecore, Messagepoint, and others - enables us to help you deliver impeccable employee & customer experience with quick business gains. Explore our DWP offerings here>>

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