Digital Workplace Solutions for the Healthcare Sector: Top 5 ways DWP Solutions are revolutionizing patient care

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized work as we know it, it has fast-tracked digital transformation across all industries globally and the healthcare sector is not far behind. Healthcare workers require patient data and critical information on the click of a button, to provide unmatched patient care.

According to the 2022 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey, Healthcare providers are beginning their journey to become composable enterprises. Healthcare providers are making positive progress in technology architecture practices and are only 11% behind those organizations that are highly composable.

Digital workplace solutions can help healthcare workers share critical patient data with utmost confidentiality, while effectively collaborating within different departments of the hospital to share knowledge, discuss treatment regime and save lives.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 ways how agile Digital Workplace solutions are improving employee experience and patient care in the healthcare sector.

1. Enhanced Collaboration and Knowledge-sharing

Modern digital workplace solutions seamlessly integrate with the healthcare institution’s technology stack to ensure easy access to files and data on any device anywhere. DWP Solutions can also store a wealth of data like the experiences of physicians and clinicians, which can be easily accessed by new recruits while handling a challenging case.

DWP solutions and intranet portals empower medical practitioners to collaborate effectively with different departments for effective knowledge-sharing on the best course of treatment, critical patient records and information for driving positive patient outcomes.

This success story showcases how we helped a leading Singapore-based hospital deploy a new intranet portal to serve as a one-stop platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration between various departments, staff and institutions. Know more!> here >>

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2. Data security and compliance

Maintaining patient-doctor confidentiality is critical for healthcare organizations therefore, misplacement of data is inexcusable. A modern digital workplace solution provides unmatched security as only authorized personnel can access data. By protecting sensitive patient medical records, DWP solutions not only provide data privacy but also ensure that HIPPA compliance is met.

3. Facilitate Personalized Care

Technology has revolutionized healthcare. With wearables like smart watches, patients can easily track their blood pressure, SPO2 levels, sleep, stress and physical activity day-in and day-out. Patients can share this data with their doctors to track their fitness levels and progress.

Leading healthcare institutions are deploying self-service portals, websites and mobile applications to help patients seamlessly update their fitness data for easy access by their doctors. This data helps doctors to accelerate diagnosis and reduce the time to treatment, thereby, providing personalized care to patients.

4. Enhance Employee Experience

One-click access to critical information has a significant impact on patient care. Digital Workplace solutions empower healthcare professionals to work efficiently by reducing their dependence on manual processes. With an easy-to-use intuitive interface, intranet portals help healthcare professionals search for documents on-the-go with just a few clicks instead of searching heaps of physical paperwork, improving their on-the-job experience and productivity.

Our latest case study showcases how Espire helped a leading UK-based healthcare provider implement a data orchestration ecosystem for seamless access to patient data and improving staff experience. Read more!> here >>

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5. Streamline Business Administration

DWP Solutions can help the hospital administration to save patient data and medical records in one place, providing easy access to hyper-accurate and updated patient information for both treatment and medical insurance claims. Modern Digital Workplace solutions provide streamlined work processes for greater administration efficiency and unparalleled patient care.

Digital workplace solutions not only improve employee and patient experiences but also enhance workplace cohesion and culture. With intuitive features, data insights, easy access to information and knowledge sharing capabilities, DWP solutions help healthcare organizations achieve their digital transformation goals and reimagine healthcare.

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