Improved Customer Experience & Collaboration for a Leading Hospital in Singapore

About the Brand

A leading hospital in the Singapore group of healthcare institutions which was established in 2008. The client is the group's largest hospital and serves as the tertiary hospital for the cluster.

Business Challenges

Difficulty in accessing information and collaborating with multiple departments

Business Needs

  • Required a user-friendly portal with enhanced features for collaboration and data sharing for the staff
  • Needed to create an Intranet portal, which serves as a gateway to access all other institution sites under its cluster
  • Required adequate security features to protect confidential information

Solutioning proposed by Espire

  • Espire provided the architecture, application support and user experience services for the SharePoint solution which allowed the company to efficiently reorganize confidential data in a secure and user-friendly manner.
  • Espire leveraged SharePoint to build the user-friendly Intranet portal with modern UI features and new branding.
  • The portal has advanced features like unified search experience, which provides easy access to information and allows members from different departments to collaborate and share data instantly.
  • Different departments and institutions can showcase their work to the entire cluster of organizations through the portal itself.

Business Benefits

  • The new intranet portal shall serve as a one-stop platform to share data, interact & collaborate
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • Lowered the cost of operations
  • Business users will be able to easily upload, view and manage content from anytime & anywhere
  • Reduced the dependence on manual efforts
  • Implementation of new UI design has improved customer experience

Tools & Technologies

  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Visual Studio

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