Building next-gen universities with Digital workplace solutions for achieving Total Experience goals

The rapid change in the digital landscape has created a need for higher education institutions to transform their learning models and improve both the staff and the student experiences.

In this new normal, the difference between the physical and digital workplace has nearly blurred. To keep up with the dynamic needs of the students and the staff, leading universities are adopting digital workplace solutions to stay ahead of the curve and pave the way towards becoming next-gen universities.

Gartner predicts that Digital Workplace is foundational for Employee Experience.

The Digital Workplace (DWP) platform is an integration of technology tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing, intranet portals, calendar sharing, cloud, artificial intelligence and so on, which allows seamless collaboration in a secure environment while enhancing the digital experience for students and employees.

Adopting a Digital Workplace strategy can help enterprises achieve their 3 Top Total Experience Goals

1. Improve Retention Rate by Uplifting Student Experiences

In the digital age we live in, technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Implementing agile Digital workplace solutions in the universities can certainly attract, retain, engage, and motivate the students and provide them with an ability to learn from anywhere and everywhere.

It helps in creating a flexible tech-enabled environment for students and saves the trouble of constantly switching between applications, as students can find all that they need within a single interface and at the tap of a button.

DWP is a one-stop solution for revolutionizing the student life cycle, where students can easily connect with their peers or the faculty, mark their attendance, request backup classes, view and upload assignments, check exam results, share ideas, hear the latest news & updates from the universities. This helps in saving time, making students’ digital journey more productive, and finally delivering satisfactory collegiate experiences.

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2. Increase Productivity by Elevating Staff Experiences

Employees spend 25% of their time looking for information they need to do their jobs, states research.

Adopting digital workplace solutions can enable the staff to collaborate, ideate, and exchange information with a single click at anytime from anywhere. This helps in reducing the hassle of navigating places in search of relevant information and amplifies staff’s efficiency and productivity.

The digital workplace creates a user-friendly environment for the staff to simplify and streamline their day-to-day tasks with an easy-to-use technology stack. This platform is a comprehensive solution that helps in organizing virtual training, publishing assignments, sharing the latest updates, providing analytics, evaluating & sharing examination results and enabling self-service for faster completion of the tasks.

This platform provides the staff with real-time access and seamless management of the students’ data. Furthermore, it helps in making the communication process easier and expedites the enrollment process, while crafting engaging employee experiences.

3. Enhance Growth & Business Outcomes by Amplifying overall Experience

According to research, organizations have seen a 43% increase in revenue by implementing digital workplaces.

Implementing a Digital workplace solution in the universities that comprise online, seamless, integrated, and intuitive collaboration tools can help solve business problems and enable them to operate productively. Scalable Digital Workplace Solutions allow multiple stakeholders in the university including the students, staff, researchers, administration to collaborate in real-time, share information and streamline multiple processes to get more work done in less time. As the entire information resides in the cloud, this reduces the reliance on peers to collect data.

It helps in reducing the operational costs by introducing more effective ways to meet virtually, cutting travel and telecommunication costs, thereby, enhancing the business experience. A coherent digital workplace eliminates the barriers to communication and participation, thereby boosting growth and achieving higher business outcomes.

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Delivering total experience in the higher education sector with sso blog

Higher Education Universities must focus on digitally transforming their existing learning models while simplifying the operations by employing futuristic technologies to deliver unified experiences to the staff and students.

Thinking beyond, they should imagine the new possibilities of introducing change to the educational models by leveraging advanced technologies such as augmented or virtual reality. These can be used to conduct an experiment virtually or traverse a historical site or engage with a case study – or create a virtual museum exhibition.

Therefore, universities need to choose the right technologies to deliver a cohesive digital workplace that meets their specific business needs and select the tools that drive collaboration and employee engagement to achieve total experience goals.

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