Implemented Banner Enhancements to Improve Student and Staff Experiences for a Leading Australian University

About the Brand

A leading Private University of Australia with campuses in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Blue Mountains and Auckland. It offers undergraduate, graduate, higher degree by research and specialized degree programs in a wide range of academic disciplines.

Business Challenges

  • With increasing student enrolments, efficiently managing the student management platform was a problem.

Business Needs

  • Required support to efficiently manage the Banner platform as a service.
  • Needed to enhance the self-service functionality to help students download their updated documents: Invoices, CAN Notice, Payment Receipts.

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Espire efficiently deployed multiple service enhancements on Banner and other applications.

  • Designed a new functionality for downloading financial documents like invoice, receipts, CAN in the pdf format.
  • Deployed enhancement (a new page) to view the meta data of invoices pertaining to the student.
  • When a student activates the download option, the page builder invokes the oracle backend program which uses the oracle wallet (authentication) and generates a preassigned URL (using lamda function in AWS).

Business Benefits

  • Allows anytime access on any device
  • Provides easy access to download historical financial documents 
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Improved staff efficiency with optimized processes 
  • Cost effective technology maintenance & enhancements 
  • Reduced manual intervention for providing invoice, receipts, CAN

Tools & Technologies

  • Oracle (wallet)
  • S3 Bucket
  • AWS
  • Banner (Page Builder)

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