The millennial student is a lot smarter than his predecessors. With multiple touchpoints, unprecedented choice and the need for convenience, it is the students who are in control. As a result, universities today have realized that they must scale up through the adoption of transformative digital technologies to create enriching experiences at all touchpoints of the student journey. This has forced education universities to re-asses how to keep up with student demands, brand loyalty and ROI.

The need of the hour is a robust digital strategy to transform business challenges into a strong competitive edge - accelerating student acquisition, student engagement rate and enabling students, staff and community.


  • Digital experience transformation of all digital platforms - websites, mobile apps, e-mails and collaboration portals. Shifting the power of driving these self-serve digital platforms into the hands of Marketers and Content Editors to accelerate implementation of digital business strategy.
  • Delivering high volume, personalized, contextual multi-channel customer communications to the student such as sending out reminders for payment of dues. In short, playing a key role in the student journey mapping from enrollment, to provision of facilities for residence, aiding enquiry and application, providing insights for choosing the appropriate course and finally converting the student in a life-long alumnus when they graduate from the university. Also sending highly personalized messages to other stakeholders such as parents and donors.
  • Enabling Marketers to own customer experience across digital and physical brand touch-points with our student journey mapping solutions.
  • Enabling marketing and communications of an University to gain a 360-degree view of its students, while at the same time providing powerful campaign management capabilities
  • Ensuring agility to respond to changing student preference, competitor moves and dynamic market conditions, with cloud adoption and modernizing legacy applications
  • Flexible managed support for digital assets such as your websites and intranet portals resulting in cost optimization and increase in efficiency for clients

Espire's Comprehensive Offerings

Espire is a specialist in the complete spectrum of digital transformation, customer experience, application management and enterprise applications and infrastructure services.

Our aim is to empower education universities to maximize their current IT investments to infuse greater efficiency, intelligence and agility in your enterprise IT landscape. Espire's comprehensive offerings cover the following services: