Espire Infolabs and Bennetts bag Honorable Mention Award at Sitecore Experience Awards 2021

The global leader in digital experience management, Sitecore has recognized Espire Infolabs in this year's Sitecore Experience Awards (SEA) Honorable Mentions, for helping a leading UK Motocycle Insurance specialist - Bennetts in Best Digital Experience Transformation category to provide personalized & contextual digital experiences with the Sitecore platform.

For more than 2 decades, Espire has been assisting over 50+ customers with Sitecore implementation and managed services. Thereby, empowering them to deploy scalable solutions & drive awe-inspiring digital experience across all customer touchpoints - with positive business benefits in record turnaround time. Read the full feature on Sitecore’s website > here

When we began our engagement with Bennetts, the major challenge was the underutilization of existing Sitecore platform and a disconnected customer journey.

Espire enabled Bennetts to craft impeccable CX for their customers by resolving - integration challenges with third party system, data inconsistency from multiple sources, inefficient content management. All of these were big hurdles in achieving personalization benefits, addressing cost challenges of existing multi-systems- maintenance, one-time license, upgrade etc. - and many more!

Espire infolabs bags honorable mention award at sitecore experience awards 2021 banner

Towards Greater Business Outcomes

With the solution designed by Espire, the Bennett's team has been able to enhance communications across all digital channels & utilised enriched customer data to drive & improve future targeted campaigns. Through marketing automation and EXM based personalization in Sitecore, they can target customers based on their personas and deliver the experience as per their preferences, actions, and interests.

By adopting a comprehensive customer journey mapping approach (based on Espire’s unique Customer Engagement Hub), we delivered the following business results:

  • Enriched customer data to improve campaign & website personalization which led to a 15% increase in campaign cycle speed
  • Persona driven marketing campaigns with custom predefined goals which increased the requests for quotes by 5% and enhanced average sessions up 15-20%
  • Robust multichannel marketing automation capabilities implemented to drive acquisition & retention
  • 20+ Sitecore marketing automation campaigns for prospective and existing customers, leading to a 15% increase in open rate & 8-10% increase in click rate
  • Automated campaigns to drive more efficiency & faster time to market, which maximized the number of email subscribers up by 20%
  • The architecture of the project is based on a ‘future-proof ‘approach- facilitating integration of Sitecore with Azure Technology as Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), which helped in saving costs by more than 30%
  • Email Bounce rate reduced to only 5% and delivery rate stands at 98% now

Creating Super Engaging Digital Experiences in 2021 to Unlock Greater Growth

This project reflects exemplary digital experience transformation - its innovative architecture allows the utilization of Sitecore to its full potential and yet, does not overload it with the tasks that can be performed seamlessly by simply integrating it with Microsoft Azure. Read the complete case study > here

Sitecore + Espire = Exceptional Digital Experiences!

The Sitecore Experience Award 2021 Honorable Mention for Espire adds to our impressive Sitecore Global Partnership. We have already won the Sitecore Experience Award for Best Personalized Experiences in 2019 and have 2 Sitecore MVPs in our team. Therefore, our customers and the Sitecore community can always expect key business insights and innovation in helping the brands drive exceptional digital experiences across devices and platforms. Know more about our Sitecore capabilities> here

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