Delivered personalized customer experiences for a leading UK-based Motor Insurance Company

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About the Brand

A leading UK-based insurance company, which specializes in motorcycle, classic motorcycle and travel insurance, providing cover to over 200,000 riders.

Business Challenges

  • Despite using Sitecore as website and CMS, the customer was leveraging a different platform for marketing automation which required multiple system maintenance and cost problems
  • They were unable to drive personalized engagements to target specific customers and address their needs
  • Managing unsubscribed contacts from different automation workflows was time consuming

Business Needs

Required a strategic technology partner to streamline processes and optimize tedious tasks

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Espire successfully migrated marketing automation to Sitecore, enabled personalization and deployed Sitecore preference center to manage unsubscribes

  • Migrated 2 million customer records with their quotes and policies to Sitecore XDB by utilizing xconnect API
  • Developed 30 custom facets to store personal, policy and quote related data in Sitecore XDB
  • Created 25 custom personalized rules for segmented list to filter out customers based on various business requirements
  • Developed custom Marketing automaton actions to Send SMS, Direct mails in Sitecore Marketing Automation
  • Developed and created 50 automated email campaigns using custom templates
  • Created 20 marketing Automation campaigns to enroll customers and engage them through SMS, Emails or Direct Mails
  • Utilized Sitecore EXM preference center to manage customer subscribes or unsubscribe consent
  • Leveraged Sitecore analytics and EXM dashboard for reporting

Business Benefits

  • Enriched customer data to improve campaign & website personalization
  • Provided a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Deployed persona driven marketing campaigns with custom predefined goals
  • Robust multichannel marketing automation capabilities were implemented to drive customer acquisition & retention
  • Automated campaigns to drive more efficiency & faster time to market

Tools & Technologies

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Marketing Modules: List Manager, EXM, Marketing Automation, XDB and Experience Profile

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