Digital Communications & CCM Solutions: 4 key initiatives to Improve Customer Experience

Your customer expectations and dependency on your digital presence has completely transformed the way customers want to engage with you and the community at large. The new hybrid-work environment coupled with social media, has acted as a catalyst in making digital transformation the game changer which directly contributes towards your brand’s success.

Businesses across industries, be it insurance, healthcare, utilities, financial services or logistics, have catapulted to devise a sustainable customer engagement plan leveraging regular connect with customers and benefit from affinity-driven purchases and loyalty.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 4 ways digital communications and CCM solutions that can improve customer experience leading to loyalty.

1. Connect with Disengaged Customers

According to Gartner, only about 15% of customer interactions currently produce value enhancement but many more could.

Customers have multiple options for every product or service they avail and expect businesses to provide value in every communication, dearth of which- leads to disengagement. Customer feedback and improvised communication is essential for businesses to deliver value, by sharing timely information on new products or services, progress reports and recommendations etc, are key for regaining trust and confidence.

2. Drive Personalized Customer Experience

It is pivotal to deliver digital communications that resonate with the customers. Creating relevant content to be delivered from the right channel can help in driving positive responses from the disengaged prospect and customer.

Focusing on customer experience can generate a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction and economic gains of 20-50%, states recent research by Mckinsey and Company.

Digital communications form the steppingstone for delivering personalized customer experience at every step of the customer journey. Delivering contextual and interactive communications can help the customers take the next step and reach out to you through the channel convenient for them.

3. Humanize your brand

Nobody likes to connect with bots for sharing experiences or feedback, neither do your customers. Driving one-way customer communications can help you gather data and achieve your marketing targets but will hardly lead to any customer conversions or sales.

Sharing blog posts, webinar invites, video testimonials as part of digital communications can make a world of difference! By putting human touch and customization in your digital communications, you can humanize your brand and engage with customers effectively.

4. Deliver Omnichannel customer experience

The first priority for delivering impeccable digital communications is top-management buy-in on a customer-centric strategy to ensure a shared vision. Secondly, core customer journeys must be identified and transformed by redesigning and digitizing them, states research by Mckinsey & Company.

Digital communications help in stitching your prospect to customer journeys together by keeping them actively engaged and allowing them to re-initiate conversation from where they left off. Designing a rewarding customer journey includes engaging with the customer across all the channels, be it - the website, social media, SMS, email, offline events and much more, help resurface opportunities, reduce cost of sale & improve CSAT.

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