COVID-19 Advisory | Note from Espire CEO | July 2020

Dear Customer,

Hope you and your family are safe!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world in a frenzy. However, there are instances of some positive news, globally - with various biopharmaceutical companies leading the race in developing a vaccine to eradicate the spread of the virus. On many parts of the world, considerable measures have been taken to ease lockdown & bring world economy back on its feet.

Over the past one month, India has also taken several steps to unlock the country in a phased manner, along with ensuring rapid increase of testing citizens for COVID-19. That's precisely why there's has been a marked increase in the numbers of cases. At the same time, it should be noted that the recovery rate in India is higher, compared to other nations.

At Espire, we'll continue to work from home (WFH) till the end of July, to safeguard well-being of our employees, and ensure 100% service continuity to you and all our customers. We at Espire have all the digital readiness needed for your unique business needs, to attain positive outcomes.

We are also fully conscious of the increase in number of confirmed cases and thereby, we have put together - a special shadow resourcing plan, to cover all critical services to our customers & ensure high level of service continuity.

Moreover, governance processes have been further strengthened. Online dashboards are been actively monitored by our management team for health & safety status along with service continuity status and take necessary actions.

Earlier we had informed you about the successful completion of the stage-2 of ISO audit- covering ISO 27017:2015 and ISO 27018:2019, pertaining to Cloud Security & Data Privacy on Cloud.

With the pressing need for scalability and remote working, cloud computing is the way ahead, but security remains priority. Thus, well implemented & certified processes based on these standards empower Espire team to meet scalability & security requirement, by adopting cloud.

The 1st quarter of this financial year had also been a time when we ramped up our efforts in conducting numerous webinars and digital events, along with several of our valued partners. You can have a detailed look at each one of them > here.

In present times, we are taking a digital-first approach quite seriously, to keep with rapid changes in customer behaviour & engagement. We have partnered with OpenText for an upcoming webinar on 16th July on powering Digital Readiness & CX to reshape engagement dynamics in new normal. Sign up here to unlock faster digital transformation, led by AI and cloud adoption.

We are positive that we'll come out of this global crisis, stronger than ever in the coming months. All we need is concerted action - together!

Stay safe & stay strong!

Sincere regards,
Gagan Oberoi
CEO & MD, Espire Infolabs

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