Author : Vikas Kumar
Director - Digital Content Management

Vikas a Marketing Technologist heads the Customer Experience Platform practice at Espire. He leads all initiatives for competency building within the practice, especially on platforms such as Sitecore, Acquia (Drupal), SDL and others. Vikas plays a key role in the design and development of best practices that can help our clients implement customer experience initiatives.

What It Takes to Be a Sitecore MVP - Journey to MVP 2020 Award

I am extremely happy that Sitecore has acknowledged my efforts towards enrichment of Sitecore platform and community members, with the announcement and inclusion of my name in Sitecore MVP 2020. I am thankful to Sitecore for the recognition as well as all my colleagues and team members who have been a part of this journey and the Sitecore community for being so helpful. I will use this blog to discuss my journey to this award and what it takes to be a Sitecore MVP.

Sitecore MVP Award: An Overview

Sitecore celebrates most active Sitecore community members from around the world with Sitecore MVP award to those who offer valuable online and offline expertise and knowledge to Sitecore community members, partners and customers- enriching community experience and making a difference.

Sitecore MVP award recognizes individual contribution towards enriching the Sitecore community with their expertise and knowledge. Sitecore MVP award signifies and recognizes the efforts and contributions towards Sitecore professionals and customers in terms of quality, quantity and level of impact to deliver with one’s excellence in Sitecore platform.

Let us now dive deep into what it takes to be a Sitecore MVP and let me explain and elucidate the process, engagement and experience towards my Sitecore MVP award.

The way to Sitecore MVP 2020 (Necessary Steps):

  • Presenting and attending conferences such as Sitecore Symposium and SUGCON
  • Writing and posting a series of blog around and about Sitecore platform, offers and technology trends around customer experience, personalization and digital transformation to achieve subject matter expertise recognition
  • Attending several trainings that results in getting certifications from Sitecore
  • Attending and presenting a Sitecore User Group in person
  • Initiating and attending webinars with Sitecore partners, clients and community members
  • Higher engagement on social media with Sitecore focus

My Journey to Sitecore MVP 2020:

I have been an active member of the Sitecore community with continued involvement and engagement, helping the Sitecore community with Sitecore context marketing- leveraging multiple platforms and channels including live Webinars, SUGCON sessions, Blogs, Social Media, WhatsApp etc.

My passion for Sitecore’s new features like context marketing, cloud and offerings like SBOS were directed towards bringing similar change in Sitecore development community mindset to think more from end customer’s point of view and consider Sitecore context marketing from the very first stage of development. I was truly dedicated towards continued support to the community in all possible ways.

Social Media Postings

  • Twitter (
  • Linked-in

Some of my work as a Consultant

  • Sitecore solutioning and Strategy for multiple customer around the globe
  • Sitecore Marketing, CRM Integration, Personalization and Optimization
  • Sitecore Upgrade Strategy
  • Custom Personalization Implementation
  • Driving leads using Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Defining Sitecore Context Marketing strategy along with CJM team

Final Thoughts:

I was active member of the Sitecore community from quiet few years and focus was not on simply achieving the Sitecore MVP award but to contribute passionately to the Sitecore community and the award followed subsequently. It’s a long and continuous effort and need consistent working on a month-by-month basis. Blog your day to day problems and solutions and your thoughts. Participating in multiple Sitecore User group is great but getting the chance to speak in one of them will be greater. And, most importantly, this is not going to be a one-man effort but will require the support and contributions from your team members, colleagues and Sitecore community, who all clubbed together will make the award truly happen. I am truly grateful to everyone who have supported and helped me along this journey without whom this would not have been possible. Finally, MVP award will always be about your passion for Sitecore and its community and your eagerness to contribute for the overall welfare.


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