Multi Cloud Platforms: The way ahead for Future-Proof Enterprises

Cloud computing no more remains a disruption in the technology domain, but in this blog, we will discuss something called as Multi-Cloud Platform - that is presently transforming the cloud ecosystem and will be needed by every brand that wants to be digital-ready, for now and for future!

What is Multi Cloud Platform?
What is the need today?
How Can it Make brands Future-proof?

86% of those surveyed by Forrester reaffirmed their cloud strategy as multi-cloud.

Why do we need to explain a multi cloud platform? It is because it is often confused with hybrid cloud. When we talk about cloud in daily parlance, we mean hybrid cloud i.e. when your data is available on and at the same time in your on-premise devices - as well as on your vendor's storage locations (cloud service providers).

So, what is MULTI-CLOUD?

A multi-cloud, as the name suggests, would mean multiple cloud platforms that would be handling a specific application service. A multi-cloud solution may be comprised of different cloud service providers where your data is generally stored publicly, privately or in a hybrid setup.

This raises few questions with answers every enterprise will have to discover in their digital journey towards a digitally transforming world. Right answers would mean and would require a resilient and future-proof enterprise, led by a visionary CIO.

  • How many clouds should you deploy?
  • How would you allocate your cloud resources?
  • Which cloud service is to be leveraged for what specific purposes?
  • How Should they be managed to meet business requirements and enhanced ROI?

At its foundation, multi-cloud would mean several cloud-native applications, built from containers and micro services, that are deployed to use component services from different vendors.

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Who are the leaders in multi-cloud service provisioning?

Public Cloud : AWS leads the pack with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
Private Cloud : VMWare leads here with vSphere and OpenStack.

Future Proofing Businesses: Multi-Cloud Solutions

Businesses are witnessing humungous data and application services that will not be sustainable in near future with the given hybrid cloud solution. The growth of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning needs enterprises to be ready with cloud solutions that are supported by data analytics. Smart work has always reaped success and knowledge workers of today will no more oblige with legacy business models built on fossilized remains.

Multi-Cloud Platforms: TOP BENEFITS

  • Handle specific application services
  • Competitive Pricing for improved ROI
  • Agility for faster delivery & time to market
  • Improved and bolstered Resilience
  • More, High and Robust Security
  • Network Performance Improvement
  • Enhanced Risk Management

The need today for businesses is to not just offer fluid experiences to customers but ensure that they can consistently do it for a longer run. This can only be achieved if right solutions are deployed at the right time with end target achievements of consistency, resilience and ROI. Multi-cloud not just ensures your application needs, make you vendor agnostic but also ensures you freedom from the mess of shadow IT and resilient performance.

Post-COVID-19 era may thus witness new leaders, new game changers and may be more disruption!

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