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How future-ready technologies are helping the Logistics sector maximize outcomes

The logistics industry is aptly called the backbone of the global economy for facilitating the effective forward and reverse flow of goods and services. However, the Covid-19 pandemic and movement restrictions have compelled the logistics industry to accelerate their digital investments for optimizing business processes and adopting new ways of working to increase staff efficiency.

According to a latest report by Mckinsey & Company, leading transport and logistics companies are adopting digital tools across four broad areas of companies’ operations: their people, their processes, their supply bases, and their networks to achieve performance improvements.

How future ready technologies are helping the logistics sector maximize outcomes spotlight

In this blog, we will discuss how disruptive technology is helping brands mitigate key business challenges and fast-track growth and scalability.

Efficient Warehouse Management

One of the key business pain points for the brands in the Logistics and Supply chain sector is inefficient warehouse and stock management leading to financial leakage. Espire is helping leading brands deploy state-of-the-art warehouse management systems and develop customized business processes for efficient inbound, outbound and inventory management. Our solutions help brands optimize key business operations with real-time updates on the inventory and its location, improve storage and selection strategies, integrate labor pools and maximize staff efficiency.

For one of our key customers in the logistics sector, Espire deployed a warehouse management system to streamline end-to-end business operations including inbound, outbound and stock management. We enhanced the development lifecycle with automation of releases and change deployment, which improved the time to market and reduced the dependence on manual efforts.

Streamline Freight Management

As per recent research by Mckinsey & Company, customers are used to the speed, flexibility, and transparency offered by the best e-commerce operations and they increasingly expect similar service levels across the full spectrum of transportation activities.

Cost-efficient management and delivery of goods to the customers requires seamless coordination between the carriers and the suppliers. Tracking shipments and delivery has been a problem area for the industry. Espire is assisting brands in designing and implementing agile technology platforms for end-to-end freight management activities with methodical booking, documentation and tracking mechanisms. Our solutions not only help in providing real-time analytics and updates on deliveries, they also help businesses optimize spending and performance based on the location and customer needs.

Transforming RPA vision into reality with UiPath Hyperautomation

Espire designed a real-time web-based graphical interface for a leading Logistics brand. Our solution provided visual access of freight information and vessel movements from key Asian ports to Sydney.

Seamless Yard Management

Timely freight management is completely dependent on effective yard management. Yard management comprises of various time - consuming tasks like carrier selection, shipping, data management, collaboration for dock specialists etc, which consume a lot of time and effort for the personnel. Leveraging intelligent automation for effective yard management can not only reduce manual efforts but also improve operational efficiency. Espire is deploying innovative yard management systems and solutions to help businesses chart a 360-degree visibility of all the activities like asset location or operational status. Our solutions provide seamless collaboration with carriers, secure your supply chain with real-time access to data and provide cost benefits by reducing manual efforts and optimizing labor pools.

For a leading Logistics company, Espire deployed an online dock management system with digital wireframes and both front-end and back-end solution. The responsive and mobile friendly architecture covered all types of users in and out of the warehouse, which improved business operations.

Enhance Customer Service

With the world going digital, customers expect real-time updates about their deliveries. Customer service and satisfaction has always been a pain point for the logistics sector owing to the mismatch of delivery locations and the rising popularity of one-day shipping. Espire is assisting brands drive personalized and contextual customer experiences across all touchpoints to improve customer engagement. With real-time delivery status updates and shipment location trackers, our tech solutions are empowering brands to enhance their customer service and retention.

Headless cms the future of digital experiences to increase customer loyalty

As per a Gartner report, digital transformation in Logistics and Supply chain industry is proven to drive growth, mitigate risk, and optimize costs.

The logistics industry is readily adopting digital transformation to optimize processes and build business resiliency. At Espire, we are driven to help brands in the Logistics and Supply Chain sector fast-track their digital initiatives by developing tailored processes which cater to their unique business needs.

To discover how we're assisting leading brands in the sector accelerate their business growth & scalability, visit > https://www. or get in touch at


4 Ways RPA is helping Logistics sector synchronize and orchestrate processes across functional silos

RPA has emerged as a go-to technology solution for brands to synchronize operational processes, reduce the dependence on manual labor and improve productivity. Brands in the logistics sector can achieve change improvements across business functions with RPA to bolster their time to market.

Driving tech innovation for logistics and supply chain industry to boost growth and sustainability

With the burgeoning growth of digitalization, businesses in the logistics sector are deploying state-of-the-art technologies like AI, IoT and Blockchain to streamline operations and drive impeccable customer experiences. Supply Chain Optimization helps brands leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver goods and services that are aligned with their unique customer needs, enabling them to derive process efficiency and greater profit margins.

How future ready technologies are helping the logistics sector maximize outcomes

The Covid-19 pandemic and movement restrictions have compelled the logistics industry to accelerate their digital investments for optimizing business processes and adopting new ways of working to increase staff efficiency. In this blog, we discuss how disruptive technology is helping brands mitigate key business challenges and fast-track growth.

Espires top 10 webinars for fy20 21 a win win for us our partners and customers

With FY20-21 in hindsight, in this blog, we share a list of Espire’s top 10 webinars from the past financial year that resulted in win-win for us, our partners and our clients!

How has the logistics industry reshaped in new normal and roadmap ahead

Logistics industry has been undergoing a rapid boom initiated by globalization and catapulted to new heights by new means of communication and rapid advancement in supply chain technologies. However, the new normal as we face today is shaping the logistics industry in newer ways.

Is automation the new normal in the logistics and supply chain management

McKinsey in its report on automation in logistics anticipates that fully automated warehouses with autonomous vehicles patrolling the aisles will become a reality sooner. Logistic sector is poised to witness managers with Augmented Reality (AR) glasses to have complete visibility over the entire scale of operations and fluid co-ordination between human employees and robots for faster, responsive and efficient operations.

Top 5 qualities for the nextgen cx enterprise in the post covid world

Businesses need to offer relevant & contextual engagements across platforms and devices every time at a breath-taking pace and responsiveness - to be ahead of the competition & earn customer loyalty for life! In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 qualities of the next-gen CX enterprise in the post COIVD world.

How will supply chain agility shape up in the next normal

As the world still staggers with the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain finds itself disrupted and is grappling with the gravest challenge in modern times. The nature of disruption in the supply chain caused by the pandemic is unprecedented and requires some breathtaking changes in the entire supply chain management to get things back on track.

Building a smarter and efficient supply chain powered by ai in the new normal

The current circumstances of a fractured global supply chain, the need to have greater insight and visibility into the end-to-end supply chain, and the exciting promise of digital technology is forcing businesses to leverage the new tools for a smarter and efficient supply chain.

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