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How a Modern Digital Workplace looks like in Higher Education

Digital workplace has seen an increasing uptrend amidst the present COVID-19 pandemic as businesses and organizations alike have been forced to let their workforce operate from home and adopt digital practices that can facilitate this transition. The present pandemic has opened gates for much needed digital transformation and has let all doubts about the ROI of digital transition to rest - ushering in an era of remote work, collaboration and productivity. The higher education landscape has seen a tremendous shift as well with educational institutions requiring to conduct virtual classrooms and online examinations to align with the social distancing norms.

The need for digital workplace in higher education is long overdue and we have discussed the same in one of our earlier blogs last year. Higher educational institutions today are witnessing a gigantic digital shifts not just in terms of rapid evolution of technology and smarter devices but ever demanding tech-savvy students. Students today form a group of digital natives that are early adopters of every disruptive innovation in technology right from the rise of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and IoT devices to machine learning. These students have been continuously pushing the frontiers of higher education to adopt technologies that can deliver intuitive, smart, augmented & touchless experience. This has necessitated higher educational institutions to leverage modern digital innovations for a smart, connected and digital ecosystem.

Modern Digital Workplace in Higher Education: Ushering in Digital Campuses

Smart organizations and digital enterprises are not new to the world and the same can replicated for higher education with digitally smart campuses. These campuses can leverage the latest and advanced new-age technologies to deliver frictionless and seamless experience to students. These campuses form a confluence of activities that can be rooted for better productivity and learning beneficial to not just students but faculty, administration, researchers as well as connected communities.

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How Will The Modern Digital Workplace Look Like:

  • Self-Learning AI backed Platforms
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Technology Enabled Seamless Interaction
  • Scalable Learning Solutions for Flawless Collaboration

Self-Learning AI backed Platforms

Digital solutions designed for fluid experiences of stakeholders in the higher education landscape will not follow installed, deployed and left model. It will be based on self-learning, dynamic and constantly evolving paradigm. These smart campus solutions will follow a self-learning model with every interaction of stakeholders with the campus acting as a learning node and digital footprint. All the data so gathered by the artificial intelligence backed solution will be creating a more flexible and smarter campus as the AI get smarter day by day. The system can subsequently handle user requests and provide contextual solutions based on data and historical footprints with delivery of experiences that are relevant, on time and precise.

Intuitive User Experience

Today’s higher education ecosystem with its digital lag is offering solutions that are painstakingly slow and boring to students- dissuading them away from adopting these redundant technologies. This often leads to student churn and funding withdrawal to various programs. The new digital workplace solution must be able to deliver to the needs of today’s digital native students who are impatient and need interfaces and solutions that are both simple and intuitive- a system that is instinctively effortless in terms of both interaction and usage. The new digital workplace solution backed by AI will deliver an impressive and intuitive user experience as it focuses on students with user persona, contextual interaction, digital student journey and real time intelligence.

Technology Enabled Seamless Interaction

Smart campuses will employ the best of new-age technologies to usher in an era of limitless possibilities for students with impressive and delightful student experience that stands to transform the academic engagement ratios and attendance analytics. Student interaction with such smart campuses will cover all channels of sensory interfaces including video, voice, image, touch and gesture in order to offer fluid, dynamic and seamless experience to users. Smart devices will be backed with continuous learning through user persona, student’s digital journey and their overall digital experiences.

Scalable Learning Solutions for Flawless Collaboration

AI-backed smart campuses will be able to deliver such platforms to it students, researchers, academicians, connected schools and colleges that they can flawlessly connect, share and collaborate with each other irrespective of physical distance or geographical separation, with the ability to have an inter departmental, inter-college and inter-university access. Such solution with data-driven experiences can be scaled and adopted even for global outreach and meet the need of such colleges and campuses that have multiple branches and institutions.

It's high time investments in higher education are redirected to the needs of modern students who are digital natives. Disparate spending in higher education on dispersed systems, beacons, wireless and Bluetooth devices, on premise systems, ERP systems or even smart classrooms play a siloed approach as far as stakeholder experience is concerned. A digitally smart workplace with new-age solutions can transform the entire spectrum of investments for a much larger and unified experience through a seamless, fluid, intuitive and intelligent interaction. Smart campus has limitless possibilities that not just ends with happy students but one that is both empowered and employable.

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