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In a world, where customers are spending more than half of their day online, prioritizing customer experience has become imperative for brands. With Digital Customer Experience (DXP) transformation, brands can personalize the end-to-end user journey of customers and build lasting customer relationships. Sitecore, a world leader in the DXP space, helps brands create and deliver contextual and personalized content seamlessly as well as track, monitor and automate their DXP needs- at scale.

Espire Infolabs' Sitecore Consulting and Assessment services will help your business fast-track DXP goals and build resilience to mitigate any business challenges posed by the next normal in 2021 and beyond. As Sitecore’s Global Technology Partner and a leading Sitecore expert, Espire has helped leading brands, across industry verticals deliver impeccable customer experiences and improve customer retention.

We can help you assess your present platform needs and support your business goals and deploy cutting-edge technology to kickstart your digital transformation process.

Espire's Assessment Process: Sitecore Consulting Approach towards business DXP transformation

In-Depth Expert Analysis

The first step of our assessment proposition is to identify the existing bottlenecks and redundancies. Detailed analysis and assessments are made to understand the underlying issues. Our senior Sitecore experts, solution architecture and assessment team, having over a decade of Sitecore platform experience conduct an in-depth analysis and draft a detailed report on the existing Sitecore solution and system architecture for your business. The detailed report uncovers the existing solution’s compliance with Sitecore best practices and recommendations.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our Sitecore Consulting Assessment process is a comprehensive evaluation of your entire existing Sitecore CMS solution that will cover platform architecture, system infrastructure, UX/UI assessment, upgrade assessment, feature enablement, best practices compliance evaluations and advisory, development practices, installation and configuration, content management operations, release management and multiple recommendations, among others.

Creating Super Engaging Digital Experiences in 2021 to Unlock Greater Growth

Existing Sitecore Solution Assessment

Our experts help businesses analyze their existing Sitecore versions and provide detailed recommendations on task automation, editorial experience, analytics and marketing, personalization, Sitecore feature assessment and implementations for quick business gains. These assessments focus on two areas:

1. CMS Feature Assessment:

This includes a thorough analysis of Sitecore Experience features being leveraged by the business, apart from Content Tree Structures, Content Workflow and Publishing and Assessment of tasks to be automated.

2. Marketing & Personalization Features Assessment:

This assessment focusses on mapping Sitecore’s Features with the client’s marketing requirements.

Platform Assessment

Our Platform Assessment comprises of four metrices:

1. Technology & Framework Assessment

We carefully study the client’s Sitecore code framework, logical architecture, Sitecore templates, rendering and pages being utilized, Sitecore features being leveraged to share a detailed recommendation which is customized as per the client’s unique requirements.

2. Infrastructure Assessment

By reviewing the current architecture, carrying out environment wise assessment on production, UAT, DevOps set-up, we apprise the client with the best practices on Infra and DevOps Process.

3. Security Check & Performance Assessment

With end user website performance and internal user Sitecore performance, we can provide credible performance and security recommendations.

4. Integration Assessment

Our team analyzes integration requirements and API information to devise a full-proof plan for easily integrating Sitecore with external applications.

Sitecore Upgrade Assessment

Our team of experts carry out an end-to-end Sitecore Upgrade Assessment with system readiness and gap analysis to determine and mitigate any bottlenecks which might crop up during the implementation of the latest Sitecore version. This activity includes an existing code review, mapping deprecated features, customization compatibility tests, assessing integration compatibility etc along with various technical and functional recommendations.

How can our assessment help you fast-track your business goals?

Our team of experts carry out a thorough analysis of your digital transformation journey to suggest a feasible technology roadmap and suggest integration possibilities to remove silos. Apart from recommendations on security performance and upgrade readiness, we help business users enhance their customer experience by deploying personalization and making the best use of Sitecore’s CMS editorial and content features.

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Our team comprises of experienced professionals, who have a wide range of expertise across technologies, which helps them deliver futuristic solutions-at scale. We guide brands and decision makers on designing the physical architecture best suited to their business needs and help them setup additional capabilities like marketing automation, personalization etc to streamline their customer experience and engagement initiatives.

Our consulting and assessment services are focused to empower our customers to derive maximum benefits from their Sitecore platform implementation and get the most value of their digital investment.

With over 50+ Sitecore projects delivered with successful turnarounds, we are helping brands transform their DXP solutions and accelerate digital transformation. If you would like to engage with us for a Sitecore Consulting Assessment, or would like to learn more about the entire process, please contact us here!

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