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Fast track your CX transformation by >45% to Outdo Industry Disruptors

Broadcast Date : March 25, 2020 | Wednesday | 11 AM BST​

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Watch the Recorded Webinar

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According to Forrester's CX index, while 73 % of brands list 'improving CX' as their topmost priority - only 1% manage to do so!

The need for digital transformation is on an increasing course for quite some time. However, the window of opportunity to transform to keep up with leaders, such as Amazon and Alibaba and disruptors like Uber and AirBnB - is on a downward spiral.

A recent Ovum report states 73% of businesses are at risk of failure to deliver on customer expectations. This necessitates fast tracking your CX transformation.

So, what is holding back the senior management?

While most recognize the need to move to a Unified CEP (Customer Engagement Platform), but perceived risks and cost creates inertia and sluggishness - due to legacy systems, lack of internal knowhow, data & content spread across disparate systems, etc.  

Watch our webinar with CXM leader, Quadient to find the answer and see how we have partnered to fast track digital transformation based on 'InspireXpress' which combines power of AI/ML and NLP.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduce cost & time for Analysis, Business case and Specs creation by 95% 
  • Learn the key disciplines for successful, faster CX transformation
  • Adopt a 4-step approach from CCM to CXM using AI/ML and NLP to match customer demand
  • Achieve over 45% faster CX transformation & reduce transformation spend by 37%
  • How Espire + Quadient partnership have powered brands over the years

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Kaustubh Anil Varde

Kaustubh Varde

VP, Sales, Espire Infolabs
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Scott Draeger

Scott Draeger

VP, Customer Transformation,
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