OnDemand Panel Discussion

Espire + Quadient : Powering your ambitious CX goals with seamless customer communications

Date: 25 October 2023 | Wednesday | 11 AM BST




We recently hosted an insightful webinar on October 25th at 11:00 AM BST, where industry experts from Espire Infolabs and Quadient came together to unravel the complexities and potential of modern Customer Communication Management.

We appreciate everyone who attended and participated in this insightful discussion. Here's a recap of this webinar's critical points for those who could not participate.

Why to Attain?

Delivering personalized and seamless customer communications is essential in today's fast-paced corporate environment. According to Forrester, 88% of firms are dissatisfied with handling customer-facing interactions across the customer journey.

Customer communication Management has emerged as an essential solution for organizations seeking to enhance overall customer experiences, close communication gaps, and streamline solutions.

However, the perceived complexity, deployment, duration, and ROI often act as roadblocks for numerous organizations. The webinar aimed to address these challenges and provided valuable insights for businesses.

  • If you want to understand how a modern CCM solution can impact your business growth ambitions
  • If your customers are increasingly interacting with you across multiple channels
  • If rapid ROI, compliance, and implementation speed are essential factors in your decision-making process

Key Takeaways:

  • Transformational Potential of Modern CCM: Participants thoroughly grasped how modern, adaptable CCM solutions may revolutionize how businesses interact with customers
  • Optimising Customer Journeys: The webinar covered techniques for boosting engagement and streamlining customer journeys so your clients enjoy meaningful, seamless experiences
  • Real-World Implementation: To assist companies in bridging the gap between IT capabilities and business demands, industry professionals provided real-world examples of how rapid and cost-effective CCM implementation may be accomplished.
  • Achieving Compliance and Security: The discussion focused on how organizations can protect customer data while achieving agility and flexibility

Our panel of experts from Espire Infolabs and Quadient has extensive experience transforming customer communications for leading global brands, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and growth.

Did you miss the webinar? Don’t worry; you can access the presentation and recording materials here. Stay tuned to future sessions that will be even more enlightening!

We thank all our attendees and hope the information you got from this webinar will help you lead your company toward more tremendous success.

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 Antoine Hemon-Laurens, Quadient

Antoine Hemon-Laurens

Product Marketing Director, Quadient
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Kaustubh Anil Varde

Kaustubh Varde

VP, Sales, Espire Infolabs
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