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COVID-19: Turn the Tides with a 5-step BCP & Risk Mitigation Strategy

Broadcast Date : May 14, 2020 | Thursday | 1 PM BST

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Watch the Recorded Webinar

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Truth: The COVID-19 pandemic situation has struck us hard!

Truth be told - The pandemic has thrown the spotlight on business continuity plans (BCP) for all businesses equally. However, you & your business can certainly ride out this storm along with positive business outcomes - with a solid BCP & Risk Mitigation strategy, for the next 2 quarters.

"Businesses that can shift technology capacity & investments to digital platforms will mitigate the impact of the outbreak and keep their companies running smoothly now & over the long term," states Sandy Shen, Senior Director at Gartner.

So, what should be the sure-fire strategy for businesses now?

In this webinar learn from industry veterans how you can you adopt a quick 5-step BCP & Risk Mitigation strategy to reap business benefits, even during turbulent times like these.

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Pravin Patel

Pravin Patel

Managing Director
EMEA & North America, Espire Infolabs
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Anne Palmer, Espire Infolabs

Shariq Imam

Vice President, Sales,
EMEA, Espire Infolabs

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