Espire Infolabs Partners With Blue Yonder To Redefine Modern Supply Chains

GURGAON, India - 01/02/2024: Espire Infolabs, a global digital transformation and total experience pioneer, today announced a partnership with Blue Yonder, a leading supply chain transformation company.

Blue Yonder's industry-leading solutions, combined with Espire's proven track record in delivering digital transformation across diverse industries, will enable logistics service provider organizations to navigate the complexities of today's supply chain landscape. From predictive analytics and demand planning to seamless fulfilment and intelligent automation, the partnership aims to make it easier for joint logistics service provider customers to implement and utilize a comprehensive suite of solutions that elevate supply chain performance.

This collaboration brings together Espire's expertise in delivering and Blue Yonder's cutting-edge technology in supply chain management.

"We are very excited to align forces with Blue Yonder to address the evolving needs of the modern supply chain. As logistics service provider businesses worldwide face increasing challenges in optimizing their supply chains, this partnership aims to empower organizations with transformative solutions that enhance efficiency, agility, and overall operational performance. We are certain that by leveraging our collective strengths and providing end-to-end digital supply chain solutions, we are paving the way for our joint global customers to be future-ready while achieving business growth which is resilient to market disruptions."- stated Gagan Oberoi, CEO, Espire Infolabs.

The joint efforts of Espire Infolabs and Blue Yonder will focus on delivering value-driven solutions that enhance visibility, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain resilience. As logistics service provider organizations continue to prioritize digital transformation initiatives, this partnership will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of supply chain management.

About Espire

Espire is a global digital transformation and total experience solutions provider with operations spread across 12 locations covering ANZ, SEA, EMEA and North America regions. Espire has a strong focus on logistics and well-aligned capabilities with the business & technology landscape of the global Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. With over 2 decades of experience in architecting, designing, and building solutions for a responsive and efficient supply chain, our cross-enterprise approach is focussed on delivering future-ready services that are resilient to market disruptions- helping leading LSC businesses in providing the ultimate customer experiences at every touchpoint.

With a focus on Total Experience (TX), our mission is to positively impact the brand's value, revenue & profitability by delivering the best Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), and Business Experience (BX) solutions – with overarching services around Multi-Experience (MX), & User Experience (UX) across the enterprise.

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