Supporting & Building Digital Solutions for Improving Customer Experience

About the Brand

A global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries

Business Challenges

  • Difficulty in managing existing website, facing various navigation issues
  • Unsatisfactory deliverables from existing support team
  • Maintaining product information was time consuming

Business Needs

  • Required an advanced web content management solution to improve usability, responsiveness and achieve true integration of their website with the e-commerce store
  • Needed to enable effective product management and deployment of web marketing strategies globally

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Improving customer experience with a customized web content management solution

  • Espire upgraded their existing corporate website to Sitecore version 9.1 for streamlining navigation issues
  • Upgraded their E-commerce platform for delivering personalized customer experiences
  • Deployed Sitecore technical enhancements to improve development process like refactoring, Unicorn, Glass mapper and T4templates, Search etc
  • Analyzed customer profiles, segmentation, behavior and customer journey mapping through the website
  • Provided application managed services for all incidents and change requests
  • Upgraded their Online store from Sitecore 7.x to Sitecore 9.1

Business Benefits

  • Created personalized customer experiences
  • Improved user navigation & enhanced the overall customer journey
  • Sitecore analytics enabled the marketing team to build effective customer conversion strategies
  • Tapping insights from website traffic, user profiling, segmentation, user behavior and customer journeys
  • Facilitated product management, payment gateway and quick order or purchase placement with optimized customer lifecycle

Tools & Technologies

  • Sitecore
  • jQuery, jQuery validator
  • HTML5, LESS CSS pre-processor
  • Unicorn, Glass Mapper, T4 Templates
  • SQL Server

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