Successfully Carried out Cloud Migration for a Leading US-based Healthcare Organization

About the Brand

The customer specializes in creating and delivering patient obligation communications for healthcare revenue cycle management.

Business Needs

  • The customer was managing critical business data on-premises, which increased their capital and operating expenditure on physical infrastructure
  • Needed a technology solution to support application scalability and disaster recovery
  • Required a strategic technology partner to carry out dataset movement from on-premises to AWS

Business Solution proposed by Espire

Espire analysed the key business bottlenecks & suggested to move their key healthcare and non-healthcare applications to cloud

  • Automatic deployment was implemented by using Azure DevOps (CI/CD)
  • Designed workflow automation for reducing the dependence on manual efforts
  • File sharing was facilitated through FSx (as soon as source files were available, they were immediately available on all servers on cloud)
  • Implemented Infrastructure as a code (IAC) to remove the need for manual infrastructure design by leveraging YAML and JSON scripts
  • Designed a 3-tier architecture to segregate Web (Internet), Application, and Database layers
  • Upgraded Quadient-ICM from Version11 to 14 in AWS Cloud and successfully migrated all the workflows
  • Implemented AWS WAF service to enhance security and deployed AWS S3 storage to ramp-up storage scalability with end-to-end encryption
  • Used AWS workspaces to secure servers and deployed a transit gateway for seamlessly connecting with multiple Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Consolidated 3 GMC servers (Inspire ICM, Inspire Processing, IPS) into 1 EC2 instance, eradicating the dependence on multiple servers

Business Benefits

  • Significantly reduced CapEx and OpEx
  • Reduced the dependence on manual efforts with workflow automation
  • Improved application performance significantly and ensured high availability of critical healthcare applications and data
  • Seamless access to files and data
  • Improved customer experience with optimized processes
  • Enhanced storage scalability
  • Implemented both Greenfield & Brownfield deployments
  • Improved data security with end-to-end encryption

Tools & Technologies

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server
  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core
  • MS SQL Server
  • Quadient
  • BMC Helix Control-M

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