Resource Fulfillment Solution On for A Recruitment and Staffing Major

Business Requirement

The client is a part of a group that is the leading provider of Managed Services and Specialist Staffing expertise primarily in the UK, North America, Asia Pacific & mainland Europe regions.

  • No Single Source of Truth
  • High lead time to Staff
  • The candidate 'Search' feature was manual
  • Rejections of the candidate was not automated

Business Solution

  • Candidate Management
  • Jobs Management
  • Application Management
  • Application Fast Review

Business Benefits

  • Functions to Display Best Candidates for an Open Position : No time wasted for searching the internal database, also displays the distance in miles from the job location through Google APIs
  • CV Search On Various Job Boards - All from Salesforce : Increased the user efficiency since user can browse on all job boards in a single go from Salesforce rather than log into different applications
  • Auto Import of Candidates Every Hour for The Published Jobs
  • Integration with Finance System
  • Centralized Reporting

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