Reformed Business and Customer Experience for a UK-Based 3PL Giant with our Advanced CCM Services

Espire helped a UK-based 3PL giant by enhancing their customer experience with its robust and personalized customer communication management solution. The digital transformation and Total experience enabler also helped the customer with seamless and smooth migration of data from legacy application to a new modernized system for building and agile and scalable business.

With the proposed solution, the client was able to leverage following benefits:

  • Upgraded system with latest capabilities
  • Reduced time to market
  • Improved printing speed
  • Resilient and reliable system for higher up times

Tools and Technologies:


  • Putty
  • Streamserve(v5.6.2)
  • OpenText Exstream(v16.6.1)


  • Unix/Linux
  • Shell Scripting (v5.6.2)
  • OracleSQL
  • PL/SQL Programming

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