Optimized data storage & accessibility with API-based integration for effective data management

About the Brand

A global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries

Business Challenges

  • Difficulty in managing data across various integration systems
  • Complex business processes leading to the data mismanagement
  • Needed to onboard multiple skill sets for managing different systems

Business Needs

  • Required to synchronize data across all the systems by utilizing Mulesoft Integration Platform
  • Needed ESB to integrate different systems like Salesforce CPQ, Microsoft Dynamics AX, MySQL database and Licensing APIs

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Optimized data storage & accessibility with API-based integration

  • Espire designed and implemented a solution architecture to build microservices based on API-led Integration layer for data flow among existing systems
  • The microservices-based architecture on the Mulesoft Integration Platform provided easy accessibility & reusability of data
  • Created a fully-integrated system where essential business data was managed between CRM Salesforce and ERP Dynamics AX
  • Successfully conducted ESB Integration between different systems, business objects like orders, products, installed bases, pricing etc into different formats like XML, JSON, SQL based queries etc for fostering greater communication

Business Benefits

  • Optimized data integration process & deployed a scalable future-ready solution
  • Simplified business processes & saved time on maintenance activities
  • Improved time to market
  • Ensured easy accessibility of data across functions-from lead creation to order fulfilment to after-sales maintenance and support
  • Successfully built standard services which will be reused in future for eCommerce website like : Product Service, OrderService, Licensing Service, Quote Service, Account Service

Tools & Technologies

  • Mulesoft Anypoint Platform
  • Anypoint Studio
  • Mulesoft Gateway server for DynamicsAX
  • Postman
  • MySQL
  • Okta

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