Migration of Fleet Management Software to latest Oracle Platform

Business Requirement

The client is a 20 year old UK based Software Company and is looked upto as the leader in its industry. The client had a software product focused at vehicle leasing in medium-to-large corporate fleet operations market. Their customers constantly expressed their dissatisfaction with the graphical user interface of the product, which was not very user friendly and needed to be richer in feel and functionality. Additionally, the client also needed to extend the user interface to mobile devices.

Business Solution

Espire's team suggested redeveloping the Quotations module using JEE and Oracle technologies. JEE 5.0 was suggested primarily because of its cross-platform capability, availability of open-source libraries and security. In addition, JEE is implemented by several vendors. Oracle was retained because it is a time-tested platform and the client had been working with Oracle technologies for a long time and the existing product had been developed using the core Oracle technologies.

Business Benefits

  • The ability to concentrate on its core business
  • A significantly lower TCO
  • Better functionality and more efficient operations due to migration to latest technology
  • Adherence to ISO 27001:2005-certified system entailing international IPR protection, business continuity and disaster recovery measures

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