Migration and Enhancement of Oracle DB and Oracle Apps for a Premier Govt Agency

Business Requirement

The client, located on an island a few miles from the Australia's coastline and looking for the existing DB 7i needed to be upgraded for better functionality and availability as it was no longer supported on linux. This meant potential risk of data loss. The upgraded version was expected to ensure better back up and recovery thereby making the database much more secure.

Business Solution

The client has 10 Years data, which required translation and migration to new application. Espire developed a tool to automate and translate data from old Oracle Apps 10.7 to new R12 application and used its internal tool to automate the migration.

Business Benefits

  • Converted and migrated legacy data in new oracle application R12.1.3
  • R12 to provide future opportunities for the client to implement new modules and functions as per business needs
  • Better and improved controls using new features
  • Improved reports layouts, XML reports

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