Migration and Enhancement of Financial Management System of a Premier Govt. Agency to Oracle Apps R12

Business Requirement

Financial Management System (FMS) is the main business critical financial application used by the client, across the country in 21 provinces. This application uses legacy software (Oracle Apps 10.7) and hardware (SCO Unix) that is no longer supported by the respective vendors. The client felt it needed to upgrade to latest technology to keep itself in tune with the changing technology.

Business Solution

The client sought Espire's help for the update and migration to latest Oracle Apps R12 application. Espire suggested it would be best to move Oracle Apps 10.7 and Oracle database to its latest releases i.e. Oracle Apps R12.1.3 and Oracle 11g databases. The upgrade of hardware and software platforms mitigates the risks of unavailability and de-support for the technology and software platform, and ensure that Financial Management System remains operational and sustainable in the immediate future.

Business Benefits

The services rendered by Espire created the following business benefits for the client

  • Converted and migrated legacy data in new oracle application R12.1.3.
  • Business process improved by using new R12 features in accounts
  • R12 to provide future opportunities for the client to implement new modules and functions as per business needs
  • Better and improved controls using new features
  • Enhanced data security using 11g database

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