Migrating and Developing Kentico Website to SDL Tridion Content Management Portal

Business Requirement

The client is a US based Education domain conglomerate who really wanted to be in pace with ever changing technology and related needs. The client had an online Education Portal based on the Kentico Web CMS . This educational conglomerate needs to go global and multilingual and scale out the existing website to meet the ever changing technology need.

Business Solution

Espire has implemented the solution in partnership with one of its partner which powered through a variety of community frameworks to infuse the best and recommended implementation approach. Following the SDL Tridion community framework powers the solution - Dynamic Delivery For Tridion (DD4T), Scalable Search For Tridion (SS4T), Workflow Framework For Tridion (WF4T).

Business Benefits

The Client has derived following business benefits:

  • A true centralized, global, multi-location, multi-language and multi-channel website framework
  • Cutting edge feature in pace with the changing technology
  • Improved user experience on multiple-touch-points
  • Better Digital asset management
  • Personalization and user profile management

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