Improved CX by 3X with agile DXP solutions for one of  the world's leading petrochemical manufacturer

Nowadays organizations need to pull together experts with unique, cross-functional perspectives to solve the rapidly changing, complex problems that have long-term implications. The diversity of experience allows a group to see risks and opportunities from different angles so that it can generate new solutions and adapt dynamically to changing situations. One needs to find ways to reinvent, adapt and do more with less.

Ranked among the world's largest petrochemicals manufacturers, our customer is a public company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It operates through three Strategic Business Units - Petrochemicals, Agri-Nutrients and Specialties – and one standalone organization, Metals (Hadeed). They support customers by identifying and developing opportunities in key end markets such as construction, medical devices, packaging, agri-nutrients, electrical and electronics, transportation and clean energy.

The customer was investing a lot of effort in improving the customer/user experience, however visitors were not able to search for products on the website, user navigation was tedious and content publishing was a cumbersome task. To resolve these challenges, we revamped their website to enhance customer experience, quickly find, compare, finalize the right products and place purchase order(s).

Tools & Technologies

  • SDL Web8
  • CJ - Search, Navigation
  • Solr Search
  • Google Analytics

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