IT Infrastructure Support Services for a leading Australian Information Technology Company

Business Requirement

The client's major business involves around providing IT support services to its clients in Australia. The client's requirement was to get the highest quality technical services for Server Operating System & Business Application support.

Business Solution

Espire has developed its own service management framework, which is fully leveraged to provide support and maintenance services to the client. Espire’s service management framework delivers a modular suite of service management solution, integrated within a scalable, reliable, and high-performance service infrastructure and resources by facilitating effective planning, provision, and operation of a wide range of value added services, while optimizing cost of services.

Business Benefits

  • Economies of scale has been achieved by following the outsourcing model
  • Helps to bridge the gap of in house technology pool
  • Cost and time required for internal training is eliminated
  • Leads to lower the cost of hard-to-find technical skills

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