Improving Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Infrastructure Costs

Business Requirement

The client is devoted to customers. Their axiom is summarized as: understand and serve clients. This is rather a typical for the utility industry, where a client is considered more as an energy meter that emits data on consumption versus a customer with habits and preferences. The client needed to manage and monitor the entire bill production process, all the formal requests and communication documents for its clients, as well as all the processes around contracts and communication.

Business Solution

The solution proposed by Espire allowed the client to insert marketing and promotional messages into bills and communications, delivering the messages using the correct and preferred channel requested by the customers: mail, email, sms/text, interactive communication, personalized video or fax..

Business Benefits

  • Digital transformation of customer experience with Interactive Communications and Personalized Video
  • Service scalability and ability to adapt to business development
  • More flexible layout management cycles and bill messaging processing cycles

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