Improved CX and Incident Resolution for a Leading Singapore based Public Healthcare Provider

About the Brand

The client manages the public healthcare system to ensure affordable basic medical services are available to all the citizens.

Business Challenges

  • The customer's existing website had multiple navigation and UI issues which hampered user experience
  • The customer was leveraging legacy architecture which could not support the large database leading to content management bottlenecks

Business Needs

  • Required to revamp their existing public facing website and 7 affiliate websites with a robust and scalable web content management system
  • Needed a responsive web design with easy navigation for enabling users to easily access all its 8 websites on multiple devices

Solutioning proposed by Espire

  • After analyzing the requirements and constraints of the existing website, Espire suggested the customer to leverage Microsoft SharePoint Server as their WCM platform for their 8 websites
  • Espire developed responsive, SEO optimized websites with easy navigation to provide an engaging experience to visitors
  • Performance and security testing of the websites was also carried out for effective troubleshooting
  • Our team provided various training modules to empower the client to easily publish content like news, events, podcasts, press-releases, research material etc. by themselves

Some of the features of the new website include:

  • Easy access to pages and affiliate sites
  • Social media widget integration
  • SEO-friendly auto URL generation
  • Automated Google Analytics tagging
  • Multiple website support
  • Controlled content accessibility

Business Benefits

  • The new responsive website has enhanced user experience
  • Effective content management and accessibility of data
  • Implementation of new site components and templates allows the client to add new content & webpages easily
  • Lowered the cost of operations and website maintenance
  • Device & Platform Compatibility allowed the users to access the website anytime, anywhere
  • The intuitive and consistent website design strengthened the brand recall

Tools & Technologies

  • SharePoint

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