Harnessing Microsoft Expertise to Enhance a Warehouse Management System

Business Requirement

The client was managing 10 warehouses (POS) in Australia using an obsolete system based on the client-server architecture. It ran on different locations with their local servers, which were put in sync using database replication services. The client was also using a Web-based system with limited features to feed order and other details. The maintenance cost and non-scalability of the existing systems resulted in massive business bottlenecks. The client sought Espire's help to replace the existing system with an integrated warehouse management system to provide a single, organization wide, real-time view of all their warehouses and monitor their operations with improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Business Solution

The project became a testimony to Espire’s celebrated dominance of key Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Project 2000, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Source-safe and Microsoft .NET. By effectively exploiting its command in these technologies, Espire developed an integrated solution wherein the entire application was migrated to a Web-based Interface with a single server.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced supply chain management quality
  • Enhanced inventory management quality
  • Better delivery mechanism
  • Safe data maintenance mechanism

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