Espire provides DBA support to a global engineering conglomerate

Business Requirement

The need was to establish the offshore database administration services to manage the client's large and different scale database servers. The client required support services for the wide range of applications and 250 Database servers it had as these applications were critical for meeting the client's global business needs.

Business Solution

Espire conducted Monitoring, Health Checkups and ensured high availability w.r.t replication, mirroring, clustering and log shipping etc., and migrated database to the latest version for better performance, at the same time maintaining high level of security of the client's database.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced service quality, thus ensuring both sustainability and growth of the business
  • Significant cost and time savings due to offshore team deployment
  • Reduced TCO and quicker time-to market

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Product Development and Application Modernization of Pension Administration Suite on Oracle ADF 11g

The client’s current PAS application is built on Oracle Forms & Reports, client needed to modernize the current PAS with the latest technology stack, i.e., Oracle (Application Development Framework) ADF. The project also included the requirement to upgrade the current backend database built on Oracle.

Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

Support for Hardware and Software Infrastructure of a Public Sector Indian Enterprise

The client is a public sector organization in India responsible for construction and maintenance of national and international airports and airspace. The client requires maintenance and support for its website and IT infrastructure

Support and Maintenance based on Oracle Applications 11i Technologies

The client is a premium nutrition and weight management company, distributing its products in over 80 countries. The client has a wide range of ERP applications that facilitate their stakeholders to meet the needs of the business on a global scale.

Providing ERP Support to Ensure Smooth Running of Business Operations to an Engineering Conglomerate

The client has a wide range of ERP applications which provide facilities to client’s stakeholders in meeting the organization’s global business needs. Since they are critical for business operations, enhancement and support for these applications was identified as a key priority




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