Espire provides DBA support to a global engineering conglomerate

Business Requirement

The need was to establish the offshore database administration services to manage the client's large and different scale database servers. The client required support services for the wide range of applications and 250 Database servers it had as these applications were critical for meeting the client's global business needs.

Business Solution

Espire conducted Monitoring, Health Checkups and ensured high availability w.r.t replication, mirroring, clustering and log shipping etc., and migrated database to the latest version for better performance, at the same time maintaining high level of security of the client's database.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced service quality, thus ensuring both sustainability and growth of the business
  • Significant cost and time savings due to offshore team deployment
  • Reduced TCO and quicker time-to market

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Application Development of Marketing Analysis Tool

A market leader in document solutions looked-for tools and processes which can be used to evaluate market around the globe. The training department of the client required a tool to conduct training's on market analysis of their current client base.

Automation of Print Stream for a Global Mail and Document Management System

The client was using latest folding / inserting equipment to automate the collation of mails including critical communications like outbound invoices, incoming payments and promotional mailings as well as payroll & vital employee communications.

Enhancement of an Automated Global Distributor and United Parcel Services Data Applications for a Global Electronics Component Distributor

Espire provides .NET Application support and maintenance for the Global leader of document management company thereby resulting in high customer satisfaction and productivity improvement.

Development of Mail-Room Tracking System (MTS)

As a major global document management company, with over 35 years of successfully managing hundreds of mailrooms, the client was gearing up to automate its mailroom in which the data was currently being managed manually. The goal of the projects was to improve internal processes, mailroom operation efficiency and productivity.