Enhancing the Digital Customer Journey for a UK Based Insurance Company

Business Requirement

Client is looking for a long term strategic technology partner who will design and build a new Digital Journey for them to deliver and support the Digital Strategy transformation and Omni-channel customer experience, by meeting some key business needs

Business Solution

Espire proposed a middleware based solution with plug and play approach to be deployed for streamlining client’s overall infrastructure. This will scale up their systems with minimal effort, low impact and reduced cost and hence compliment the organization's vision.

The proposed Mulesoft ESB project would ensure integration of back-end insurance systems and enable the Insurance major to deliver excellent multi-channel customer experiences.

Business Benefits

  • Improved and timely delivery of Customer Centric Information across multiple devices
  • Aligned to long view of client’s business with possibility for parallel developments
  • Model Driven Implementation - architectural agility with short lead time for any process change
  • Low level services for communication and control are provided by MuleSoft and hence no need to worry about them during implantation of new systems

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